PlayNetwork Takes Digital Signage to Whole New Level with Matrox Mura Video Wall Controller Boards

In-Store Entertainment Provider Leverages Matrox Video Wall Solution to Create 30-Monitor, Two-Story-High Installation in London Location of Leading Lingerie Brand

Eager to show off more than mere merchandise at a new lingerie boutique on London’s famous Bond Street, in-store entertainment provider PlayNetwork turned to Matrox Graphics to help provide customers with an unparalleled shopping experience. As a result, an eight-meter-high, 30-monitor video wall displaying dynamic digital content driven by Mura MPX Series video wall controller boards now serves as a major focal point of the store’s modern and edgy decor, leading to an overwhelmingly unique and inviting atmosphere.
Video Wall Powered by Matrox Mura MPX Series
A giant, eight-meter-high, 30-monitor video wall powered by Matrox Mura MPX Series video wall controller boards welcomes clients and provides them with an unparalleled shopping experience.

An Outfit Made up of More than Mere Lingerie

In preparation of the grand opening of the retailer’s new London store, the retailer endeavored to not just get people to come to the store, but also to want to come back. That the new store represented the American firm’s flagship UK location added to the pressure of strengthening ties to customers on opening day and beyond. To achieve that required “wow” factor that would also strengthen the store’s commercial brand, PlayNetwork was called upon to handle the design and installation of a massive Matrox-powered 5x6 video wall.
The store’s four floors and 40,000+ square feet were filled to the brim with extravagant finishing touches that meet the eyes and ears head-on. PlayNetwork provided a ground-thumping sound system, accompanied by not one, but two Matrox-powered video walls. The first, a 4x2 wall, adorns the store’s bra salon, while the aforementioned large-scale, 30-monitor installation stands eight meters tall for all to see.
The 30-monitor centerpiece displays everything from behind-the-scenes footage of commercials to live video feeds of the brand’s fashion shows, with regularly updated content. It also spans the height of a spiral staircase leading up the first few floors while a mirrored hallway reflects on-screen content throughout the store to reach most everyone inside.
A second, 4x2 Matrox-powered wall, adorns the store’s bra salon, while the 30-monitor installation serves as a focal point for all customers entering the store.
A second, 4x2 Matrox-powered wall, adorns the store’s bra salon, while the 30-monitor installation serves as a focal point for all customers entering the store.

Building Blocks of Brand Equity

Initially, the larger wall was meant to comprise just 25 monitors. However, one week before it was to be installed another row of five was requested. With Mura MPX output/input boards powering the wall, the adjustment was relatively simple, requiring just a couple more Mura MPX Series boards to be installed within the integrated Trenton TVC4403 Matrox-validated controller system to power the extra monitors. In all, a mix of Mura MPX-4/4, Mura MPX-4/2, and Mura MPX-4/0 boards were used to power the 30-monitor installation.
Mura MPX Series PCI Express x16 Gen2 video wall controller boards have four high-definition outputs and either four, two, or zero inputs, enabling AV installers to build custom, scalable video walls of up to 16 boards for a total of 56 HD outputs and 56 HD inputs.
Meanwhile, a Matrox-compatible Crestron 2-Series Control System™ manages the complete audiovisual system through a rack-mounted Apple® iPad®. This adds ease of use to the large-scale installation’s lengthy list of impressive features.
From the Apple tablet interface, IP commands are sent via the Mura Network API to the boards within the Trenton system. Layouts are subsequently constructed/selected, ultimately enabling the various feeds to be displayed on the video wall for all customers to see and admire.

The Model of Success

At the store’s opening, while no supermodels were on hand, on-screen video representations of them arguably did just as well, attracting their fair share of customers and attention at the event and ever since.
“The Matrox Mura-based video walls contribute a great deal to the overall immersive customer experience,” said Dharmendra Patel, managing director of PlayNetwork EMEA. “Mura’s flexible board design and the degree of control enabled through its Network API were key factors in the success of our installation.”
Reviews of the new store have been overwhelmingly positive, with the video wall standing out as one of the biggest highlights. In the end, PlayNetwork built upon the prestigious lingerie brand as promised, delivering to clients a whole host of high-tech sensualities sure to make their next trip to the store far from their last.

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Matrox Mura MPX Series video wall controller boards are building blocks of high-performance, scalable installations that meet even the most demanding requirements of system integrators. Featuring both high-definition outputs and high-definition inputs, Mura is key to the assembly of everything from small-scale, single-board presentation systems to large-scale, multi-board configurations for use within control rooms or as digital signage. New fanless models eliminate background noise and build further upon renowned levels of reliability. High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) compliance meanwhile enables the playback of copy-protected content.