Making the Connection

Driving Clear Channel Digital Signage with Matrox Graphics Hardware throughout Busy Oslo Gardermoen Airport

New digital signage in Oslo airport powered by Matrox TripleHead2Go hardware.
New digital signage in Oslo airport powered by Matrox TripleHead2Go hardware.

The Company

As Norway's largest player in outdoor advertising, Clear Channel Norway AS helps government organizations and companies plan and design digital signage for large public venues. Clear Channel has grown from being a provider of simple, traditional advertising solutions to offering innovative digital signage that reaches vast numbers of consumers and brings new, animated content to the advertising screens.

The Challenge

Design an efficient and easy to maintain digital signage solution that would present advertisements to the 20 million travellers that pass through Oslo Gardermoen Airport on an annual basis.

This new airport posed a unique challenge due to its modern design. The clutter-free architecture offered less traditional space compared to other airports. However, the design did have large expanses that could be tailored for large format advertising opportunities. Flexible options for graphics hardware to drive this digital signage were an absolute necessity. It was important that the systems would be easy to deploy and maintain from an IT perspective.

The Solution

While searching the internet for a possible solution, Clear Channel found the Matrox TripleHead2Go Graphics eXpansion Module. It fit the bill. An external box, it was simple to install and allowed them to reduce the total number of computer systems required for this project.
"Due to the modern architecture, it wasn't feasible to put a computer next to each display throughout the entire airport," said Jonas Michael, Business Development Manager, Clear Channel Norway AS. "As we planned the technical installation, we were looking for a solution that could drive multiple digital screens from one computer. That's how we found Matrox TripleHead2Go."
The Matrox TripleHead2Go Graphics eXpansion Module allowed Clear Channel to consider a wide variety of PCs. As it is a small, external device, computer chassis size and heat requirements weren't something that had to be factored into the equation.
Clear Channel set up 42 computers throughout Oslo airport, each connected to a TripleHead2Go unit outputting to three 40" NEC LCD monitors with slim bezels. On some of the triple-screen setups, advertising content was designed to stretch across the three screens. On others, each monitor displayed independent content, such as local, international, and translated newscasts."We enjoyed working with Matrox Graphics products because they are designed for ease of deployment and installation," stated Michael. "The unattended installation feature considerably facilitated the rollout of the OSL Gardermoen project, saving us both precious time and money."

The Results

Clear Channel AdScreen panels spread throughout OSL Gardermoen are seen by the majority of travellers because of their key locations, primarily in waiting areas. This translates to long exposure times and greater retention of content messaging—critical elements for a successful advertising campaign.
"Our clients were impressed with the flexibility we could provide using triple-screen setups. The goal was to be able to sell as much advertising space as possible, and we helped them achieve that by maximizing their screen space—in addition to simplifying their hardware installation," said Michael.