Great Digital Signage Brewing at Aroma Café

YCD Multimedia Uses Matrox Graphics Cards to Drive Interesting Digital Signage at Israel's Aroma Shefayim Café

Matrox Graphics cards drive digital signage to help revitalize Aroma cafés.
Matrox Graphics cards drive digital signage to help revitalize Aroma cafés.

About YCD Multimedia

As a leading provider of smart in-store digital media solutions, YCD Multimedia offers an end-to-end solution that enables retailers to realize rapid, measurable returns on investment from in-store digital media. Its end-to-end offering provides professional services and technology to increase profits, optimize product mix, and enhance the customer experience. For a decade, YCD has led the field in innovation and customized installations for over 1,200 clients on five continents.

The Challenge

YCD was hired by Aroma to design the digital signage within their coffee shops to help retain and expand their customer base. Aroma was looking for a digital signage solution that would simplify management of promotions and pricing across the different cultures and many currencies across their café chain, as well as gain full control over their marketing materials. In addition, for this particular café in the Shefayim courtyard, the design incorporated comfortable seating arrangements for prolonged stays, as well as quick errand, convenience services. The digital signage needed to address the needs of both categories of visitors and present a clean, modern brand.

The Solution

YCD Multimedia created a consistent, inviting environment using the YCD | Platform, YCD | Player & MuVi Wall™ components. These systems revitalized the cafes, and imbued their atmosphere with ambiance via custom music playlists and dynamic digital video. The high impact YCD MuVi Wall solution uses Matrox M9140 graphics cards to drive the six channel video wall, all from a single PC workstation.
"Matrox cards are very stable, and allow YCD | Player to run HD content with high-performance on a wide selection of displays," states Dani Zeevi, Chief Technical Officer, YCD Multimedia. "YCD's MuVi Wall, together with the Matrox graphic cards, creates an advanced and powerful solution that delivers one of the highest levels of content quality in the world today."
The high impact YCD MuVi Wall can use multiple Matrox graphics cards to drive up to nine screens of digital messaging content.
The high impact YCD MuVi Wall can use multiple Matrox graphics cards to drive up to nine screens of digital messaging content.
Aroma is also able to control promotions across their branches with remote content management. This enables Aroma Head Office to quickly—and efficiently—program and distribute consistent advertisement and promotion information to all cafes. With AdScreen®, Aroma displays dynamic promotions directly to customers at the point of decision. Promotions can be managed by corporate, region, or individual franchisees, and pricing and content can be customized by region, store and day part.
"Ad flyers and posters can often create a cluttered appearance, and not quite catch the attention of the customer," says Zeevi. "The new YCD digital signage solution not only streamlines the café’s interior, it boosts sales by completely integrating the menu and point of service (POS) displays."
To further optimize in-store promotions through integration of promotions with real-time transaction data, Aroma is now beta-testing the YCD Real-Time Ad Management Platform (RAMP). This system integrates with their existing Retalix retail software, and tracks in-store sales in real-time, and allows corporate headquarters, regional directors, or franchisees to instantly modify promotions or adjust pricing.

The Result

Sales are up—especially on promoted items, franchisees are happier, and customer wait times and transaction times have been reduced. Even when customers do have to stand in line, they now report that the wait seems shorter as a result of this enhanced customer experience. In addition, Aroma headquarters is very pleased with the "always current" content and cost savings on print promotion, distribution, and logistics, now that the digital signage is up and running. The Six-Channel MuVi Wall has had a tremendous impact on the Aroma Shefayim café, and it clearly has a "WOW" effect on customers as a result of its elegant, horizontal-monitor design.

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