Recorded Webinar: Enhancing Video Learning at NTNU

In this webinar, Magnus Lian from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology shares  the benefits of deploying a focused and streamlined video management system to enhance the student learning environment.

Featured topics:

NTNU’s experience of migrating to Panopto and integrating the Maevex’ 6020 remote recorder
How NTNU is enhancing the student learning experience with the Panopto/Zoom integration.
Why an advanced video learning ecosystem is important to meet growing expectations in today’s higher education environment


Magnus Lian  |  Senior Engineer, NTNU

Katrin Kerber, Territory Manager, Matrox

Katrin Kerber | Territory Account Manager, Matrox

Neil Burdess | Sales Engineer, Panopto

Neil Burdess | Sales Engineer, Panopto

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