Driver and Software Downloads

How do I identify my Matrox Graphics card?

If you have drivers installed:

Follow this path:
Start > Settings > Control Panel > click on the Display icon > click on the Settings tab > click on the Advanced button at the bottom > click on the Information tab.

Information on your Graphics hardware and Graphics software (versions) should be listed here. Your product goes by the name listed as "Model".

If you have not installed drivers:

You can identify your card by the model number that is found either on the original box or on a white sticker on the card itself.

Chipset Card Name
Parhelia-512 Parhelia
Parhelia-LX P-Series (P650, P750)
G55+ G550
G45+ G450
G4+ G400
G2+ G200
G+ Productiva G100
MIL2 Millennium II
MY220 Mystique 220
MYST Mystique
MIL Millennium
IMP+ or PCI+ Older Matrox products such as the Impression / Ultima
Chip Specs Card Name
1064 Mystique
1164 Mystique 220
2064 Millennium
2164 Millennium II
Model Number Card Name
PH-A256 Parhelia 256 MB
PH-A128R Parhelia 128 MB (retail)
PH-A128B Parhelia 128 MB (bulk)
PH-A8X256 Parhelia 256 MB
PH-A8X128 Parhelia 128 MB
PH-P256 Parhelia PCI 256 MB
P75-MDDA8X64 Millennium P750
P65-MDDA8X64 Millennium P650
MILA G55+ Millennium G550
MARV G45+ Marvel G450eTV
MILA G45+ Millennium G450
MILA G4+ Millennium G400
MARV G4+ Marvel G400-TV
MILA G2+ Millennium G200
MYSA G2+ Mystique G200
MGA-G200 MGA-G200
G100 Productiva G100