Software Maintenance Programs

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How does a new customer enroll in a support and maintenance program?

The purchase price of MIL X and Matrox Design Assistant X gives registered users automatic enrollment in their software's respective maintenance program for one year1. All customers need to do is take a few moments and register their software online.

What about MIL-Lite X?

MIL-Lite X is now available as a free download; it does not have an associated maintenance program and customers hence do not need to register the software. MIL-Lite X users receive access to applicable Matrox Vision Academy content and software updates for free and for as long as they wish. Technical support is available to MIL-Lite X users for free for one year; following that year, technical support will be a paid service.

What benefits do maintenance programs provide?

These programs entitle registered users to technical support from Matrox Imaging´s highly qualified technical staff as well as free updates and upgrades.
Matrox Imaging´s team of vision specialists is committed to providing our customers with the assistance needed to take applications from concept to completion. Our front-line support group is available to answer installation questions and provide immediate troubleshooting assistance, while our developers are ready to guide customers through the design, development, and deployment phases of their projects. Technical support is also available through local Matrox Imaging representatives.
Software updates and upgrades are a result of Matrox Imaging's commitment to continuously enhance our software. Each update/upgrade offers performance improvements with the optimization of existing functionality, the implementation of fixes, and the addition of new functionality. Regular updates/upgrades also ensure that the software is compatible with the hardware and software platforms.

How is enrollment in a software and maintenance program extended beyond the first year?

Registered users will be notified by Matrox Imaging (or their local representative) at least 90 days prior to the expiration of their maintenance program. They will be asked to pay a renewal fee, which will allow the program to be extended without interruption for another year.

Software maintenance and technical support

Discover the benefits of software maintenance, how to register to enroll, and how to get access to technical support.


Please note: Any technical questions regarding Matrox Video products should be directed to that division.