Smart cameras

Smart Cameras

Matrox Imaging smart cameras offer dust-proof, immersion-resistant, and extremely rugged construction. A choice of image sensors—combined with an efficient Intel® embedded processor—allow these smart cameras to tackle a wide variety of machine vision applications in tight spots and dirty industrial environments. Systems integrators, machine builders, and OEMs alike can develop applications for these smart cameras by way of an intuitive flowchart-based integrated development environment (IDE),  Matrox Design Assistant X, or Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) X, a traditional software development kit (SDK).

Matrox Iris GTR PNG (502 KB)

Matrox Iris GTR

Smart camera with IP67-rated design, fast image sensing, efficient embedded processing, and comprehensive I/O capabilities for an effective all-in-one vision system.
3D Sensors

3D Sensors

Matrox Imaging's fully integrated 3D profile sensors generate faithful representations of an object or scene using laser triangulation. These powerful 3D profile sensors offer the most elegant solution possible for combating occlusion effects often encountered when using common devices or setups with a single laser and single image sensor.

Matrox AltiZ PNG (1.08 MB)

Matrox AltiZ

High-fidelity 3D profile sensors with a dual-camera single-laser design and embedded vision algorithms that generate 3D data in the form of individual profiles, depth maps, or point clouds.
Vision Controllers

Vision Controllers

Matrox Imaging vision controllers feature a unique combination of embedded PC technology, expansion capabilities, optimized size, and sturdiness, making them ideal solutions for demanding single high-rate or multi-camera imaging and vision applications. Some come bundled with Matrox Design Assistant X flowchart-based vision software, while all can be programmed using the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) X software development kit (SDK).

Matrox 4Sight EV6 PNG (727 KB)

Matrox 4Sight EV6

Fanless industrial computer powered by a mobile-class embedded Intel processor and equipped with four Gigabit Ethernet ports and four SuperSpeed USB ports.
Matrox 4Sight XV6 PNG (2.2 MB)

Matrox 4Sight XV6

Compact expandable industrial computer powered by an embedded Intel processor. Offers desktop-level performance and four full-height, half-length PCIe® expansion slots for holding multiple cards, including most Matrox Imaging frame grabbers.
Matrox Supersight Solo PNG (1.1 MB)

Matrox Supersight Uno

Mid-range industrial PC within a 4U chassis delivering seven full-height, half-length PCIe slots to accommodate add-in cards including Matrox Imaging frame grabbers.
Matrox Supersight Uno PNG (1.1 MB)

Matrox Supersight Solo

Mid-range industrial PC within a 4U chassis delivering up to 13 full-length, full-height PCIe slots to accommodate add-in cards including Matrox Imaging frame grabbers.

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