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Matrox Solios eV-CL

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Value-packed Camera Link frame grabber

Matrox® Solios eV-CL ushers in a new level of value for Camera Link® frame grabbers. It provides connectivity to the market’s most high-performance, multi-megapixel area- and line-scan Camera Link cameras, augmented with onboard Bayer interpolation (eV-CLB/CLBL models), color space conversions, and look-up tables (LUTs). The Matrox Solios eV-CL provides all these capabilities at an attractive price point.

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    Matrox Solios eV-CL at a glance

    • Perform deterministic image acquisition by way of the jitter-free Camera Link interface
    • Eliminate missed frames through a PCIe® x4 host interface and ample on-board buffering
    • Use the most high-performance cameras with available support for 10-taps (eV-CLF/CLFL models) at 70 MHz
    • Employ a single board for area- and line-scan, monochrome, and color (Bayer, RGB, and tri-linear) acquisition
    • Optimize multi-camera applications via support for two independent cameras per board with eV-CLB/CLBL models
    • Minimize space requirements and maximize PC compatibility through a half-length design with mini Camera Link connectivity (eV-CLB/CLF models) for true single-slot operation
    • Reduce system cabling and eliminate camera power supplies by way of Power-over-Camera-Link (PoCL) support (eV-CLB/CLBL models)
    • Free valuable host CPU resources by offloading pre-processing tasks: Bayer interpolation (eV-CLB/CLBL models), color space conversion, and LUTs
    • Reduce development and validation costs through a managed lifecycle offering consistent long-term availability
    • Implement image capture with ease and confidence using Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) X application development toolkit
    • Maintain flexibility and choice by way of 32-/64-bit Windows 7/10 and 64-bit Linux® support