Imaging News

“The SureDotOCR algorithm met a 99.90% read rate, with one dot diameter setting and 99.99% read rate with three read attempts at different dot diameter settings. MIL-supported multi-threading and multi-core processing helped achieve the required read rates.”

Chris Walker, Project Leader, EPIC Machine Vision Systems

In the past, optical character recognition (OCR) vision systems were not traditionally thought of as fast, flexible, or maintainable. However, today’s software and tools can now build faster, smarter systems.

AIA Vision Online, April 2019
By Winn Hardin


Beginning in May, Matrox® Imaging will offer its next series of classroom training on the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) software development kit (SDK) and the Matrox Design Assistant integrated development environment (IDE).

Vision Systems Design, April 2019
By Andrew Wilson


Today, Matrox® Imaging proudly announces the launch of its new Matrox Vision Academy website, designed to enrich the user experience.

Novus Light Technologies Today, March 2019
By Dave Wilson

Photonics & Imaging Technology, March 2019
By Arnaud Lina, Pierantonio Boriero, and Katia Ostrowski


Matrox® Imaging will be at AUTOMATE from April 8 to 11 at booth 8336. Stop by to see the latest innovations in machine vision and industrial imaging hardware and software.


Matrox® Imaging welcomes a new Chinese addition to their global network of representatives.