Imaging News

Machinery Update, March/April 2021
By PPMA Group

“We have used Matrox Imaging frame grabbers in our products for almost 20 years. We have deployed several hundred systems in the field, using almost their entire product line (Matrox Genesis, Meteor-II, Solios, Radient, and now Rapixo). We have always been satisfied with their service, from both a technical support and engineering point of view.”

Jean-Francois Hebert, Co-Owner/Co-Founder, Pavemetrics Systems

Robotics Industry Insights, March 2021
By Jimmy Carroll
Vision Systems Design, January/February 2021
By James Carroll
Vision Spectra, Winter 2020/2021
By Hank Hogan

This white paper will detail how machine vision—the automated computerized process of acquiring and analyzing digital images primarily for ensuring quality, tracking, and guiding production—benefits from deep learning as the latter is making the former more accessible and capable.

Matrox Imaging’s machine learning technology transforms quality assessment from human to machine-based, with dramatic improvements.

“STIHL has been using Matrox Imaging software, components, and systems for a number of years. Deep learning technology extends the field of image processing, in which conventional image processing yields inadequate results. Implementation of this new system—one that effectively deploys deep learning—has replaced objective visual processes that STIHL had in place. As a result, we anticipate great improvements in our efficiency, with the ability to perform new tasks, ensuring an overall improvement in the quality of our products.”

Alexander Fromm, Automation Systems Engineer, STIHL Group