Imaging News

Vision Systems Design, February 2009
By Andrew Wilson

AIA Newsletter, February 2009
By Winn Hardin

“[MIL was] the most flexible and ready-to-use tool library which fully supported mathematical morphology functions, as well as advanced blob analysis, both very important for biological image analysis."

Dr. Wilfried Frieauff, Laboratory Manager of the Preclinical Safety Unit, Novartis

Automated microscopy system depends on Matrox Imaging Library to detect chromosomal abnormalities in cells.

Vision Systems Design, January 2009
By Winn Hardin

Imaging & Machine Vision Europe, December 2008/January 2009
By Gemma Church

It's no secret that electronics manufacturers employ machine vision inspection systems as part of their manufacturing processes.



"The [Dalsa Piranha HS-40-04k40] cameras generate a lot of image data, so we chose the [Matrox] Odyssey XCL to alleviate processing on the host PC. Since all of the image acquisition and processing is performed by the [Matrox] Odyssey XCL, the host only coordinates the tasks and retrieves the calculated measurement data. [Moreover] by choosing MIL as the interface to the Matrox Odyssey XCL, we will have greater flexibility with any future hardware."

Mordechai Brodt, Senior Software Engineer, Process Photonics

"MIL provides all the algorithms and functions for processing. In particular we used the Edge Finder module for border detection, as well as Low-pass filters, recursive filters, rotations, and digital subtraction. We also used some LUTs to enhance the images for display on dual-screen terminals. […] The handy MIL API and the fabulous software-hardware integration with the Matrox [Helios] could be easily integrated with other components. Those were the main reasons to choose Matrox products."

Dr. Guillermo Sentoni, Professor, Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE)

Matrox Imaging components upgrade analog X-ray equipment.