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What about parking? It's a question drivers must consider every time they turn the key in the ignition. Cities have struggled with parking issues since the pre-automobile era, though in those days the question was more likely to be; what about my horse?

"Factories are controlled environments, but outside you're subjected to all kinds of conditions: rain, snow, sleet. We had to make sure the [Matrox Imaging vision] system could function in all types of weather and different lighting conditions."

Bill Franklin, President, AutoChalk

Vision Systems Design, July 2009
By Andrew Wilson

Imaging & Machine Vision Europe, June/July 2009
By Stephen Mounsey

"Manufacturers are always trying to be more cost-effective. They want to reduce costs and be more competitive; robots can run 24/7, and they don't get repetitive stress injuries like humans! […] The project demanded a lot of flexibility from a software standpoint. We needed the vision system to adapt to the variety of cookie shapes and sizes as well as color and shade to check for doneness."

Dragan Dragojlovic, Product Manager, Bosch

The delta robot has been a fixture in assembly lines for over 20 years.

Intelligent vision system ensures every product gets camera time.

Vision Systems Design, June 2009
By VSD editors

Vision & Sensors, May 2009
By Sarah Sookman

Control Engineering, May 2009
By Sarah Sookman