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Matrox Design Assistant X vision software 3D camera interfacing and analysis with recipes speeds up application development.

“We were already familiar with the capabilities of Matrox Design Assistant X vision software, which has proven to be a versatile tool for this project, offering exactly the kind of integration and control we wanted.”

Kimmo Salonen, Chief Technology Officer, KINE Robotics Oy

Vision Systems Design, January 2022
By Chris McLoone


Matrox® Imaging has released a major update to its powerful software development kit (SDK), Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) X.

Imaging & Machine Vision Europe, December 2021
By Greg Blackman
Association for Advancing Automation (A3), December 2021
By John Lewis

Matrox® Imaging released Version 2109 of its flowchart-based vision software, Matrox Design Assistant® X, which includes a range of new 3D steps; supports Matrox Iris GTX smart cameras; offers OPC UA communication; features a new HDR step; and simplifies project troubleshooting and optimization.

Online Robotics Trade Magazine, November 2021

"We needed a robust solution for a 3D pick-and-place application. Matrox Imaging products were the best in term of ease of use, programmability, and price-to-quality ratio."

Marco Goracci, Software Engineer, AuTech