Imaging News

“There are so many good reasons that led us to acquire the Matrox Imaging vision system. The software tools in Matrox Design Assistant X are remarkably agile. It is a flexible vision system capable of working with several models of GigE Vision and USB Vision cameras.”

Moises Santana, vision system designer, Bosch

“Matrox Design Assistant X software allows us to quickly deploy feasibilities studies and application demos within the production software. The completeness of its tools helps us to work on both 2D and 3D systems. Truly, Matrox Design Assistant X offers us all we need to deploy and effective machine-vision system.”

Marco Pistilli, IT Engineering, Machine-vision System and Software Developer, MO.S.A.I.C.

“We were already familiar with the capabilities of Matrox Design Assistant X vision software, which has proven to be a versatile tool for this project, offering exactly the kind of integration and control we wanted.”

Kimmo Salonen, Chief Technology Officer, KINE Robotics Oy

"We needed a robust solution for a 3D pick-and-place application. Matrox Imaging products were the best in term of ease of use, programmability, and price-to-quality ratio."

Marco Goracci, Software Engineer, AuTech

"One of our installations has been working up to 20 hours a day, six days a week for almost three years, with barely any maintenance required. All that, and with accuracy rates approaching 100%! Our clients could not be more pleased with the [Matrox Imaging] vision system."

Pau Sánchez Carratalá, Vision and Robotics Engineer, Marexi Marine Technology Co.

“Customer demand for deep learning and machine vision is growing consistently, and given this interest, we thought it important to highlight how Matrox Imaging technology can work to perform image capture, processing, and analysis, as well as ID mark verification, and visual inspections.”

Irma Cruz, Vision Sales Engineer, North Coast Technical, Inc.

“We have used Matrox Imaging frame grabbers in our products for almost 20 years. We have deployed several hundred systems in the field, using almost their entire product line (Matrox Genesis, Meteor-II, Solios, Radient, and now Rapixo). We have always been satisfied with their service, from both a technical support and engineering point of view.”

Jean-Francois Hebert, Co-Owner/Co-Founder, Pavemetrics Systems

“STIHL has been using Matrox Imaging software, components, and systems for a number of years. Deep learning technology extends the field of image processing, in which conventional image processing yields inadequate results. Implementation of this new system—one that effectively deploys deep learning—has replaced objective visual processes that STIHL had in place. As a result, we anticipate great improvements in our efficiency, with the ability to perform new tasks, ensuring an overall improvement in the quality of our products.”

Alexander Fromm, Automation Systems Engineer, STIHL Group

"Thanks to Matrox Imaging’s machine vision tools, we can now be fully confident in delivering a precise processing path for machining, and improve customer yield rates while guarding them against material loss with this CNC upgrade."

Steven Ko, Technical Marketing Manager, G4 Technology

“This Matrox Imaging system enables Hydram to assure customers that the quality of parts they receive from Hydram are the best they can be. It reduces and eliminates the risk of defects escaping our business.”

Barry Edgar, Quality Assurance Manager, Hydram Sheet Metalwork