Imaging News

“The advantage of the Matrox Imaging String Reader algorithm, compared to competing OCR algorithms, is that it was developed as a flexible reading tool that can be used in different applications. The Matrox Imaging algorithm is very intelligent. String Reader is able to handle imperfections easily, saving time, effort, and cost for the operator.”

Pham Ha, Project Manager, Pacific Hi-Tech

“We gained time, established the necessary communication, and successfully overcame this challenge of upgrading our vision system, thanks to the plug-and-play nature of the MIL-Lite software.”

Antonios Arvanitidis, Electrical and Computer Engineer, BookScanner SA

"Compared with accuracy rates of 75% to 85% achieved with the original approach, there is no doubt as to the better result. Our project has been greatly enhanced and the progress of reading and cataloging the data with high accuracy would not have been possible without the gracious assistance of the Matrox team."

John Anderson, Senior Media Technician, University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory

“AI Surface let us remove three workers from a 100% manual inspection procedure and place them in higher value-added positions as soon as the system [featuring MIL, and Matrox Solios and Matrox Radient frame grabbers] was installed, which allowed us to realize a quick return on our investment. Also, the user interface is set up so that is simple to create multiple custom classifiers for various customer needs and link to their specific grades. And our machine operators are very pleased with how easy it is to operate the inspection system.”

Richard F. Barlow, Advanced Materials Engineer, Active Inspection, Inc.

"Our inspection system [comprising MIL, Matrox 4Sight, and Matrox Solios] provides pharmaceutical and food manufacturers with complete control over their production processes. The system also lets them identify and prevent problems that, if left uncorrected, could ultimately lead to rejected batches, which are very expensive in terms of lost production time and wasted materials."

Robert Jones, Managing Director, JPS Imaging


“The [Matrox Iris] smart camera [Matrox Design Assistant] software is very easy to use and does not require highly-skilled programmers. We simply initialize the serial port, grab the raw image, perform blob analysis, and write to the serial port.”

Xing Xiao, Technical Support Manager, MVLZ

“We used [Matrox Imaging] Vision Squad’s expertise on multiple occasions to consult and review project development and execution optimization. The integrator support team assisted with writing touch screen drivers, developing custom steps for focus adjustments, and optimizing flowcharts for speed and HMI interaction. This support helped us deploy a solution under tight budget and time constraints. It’s great to have a responsive team to assist you in deploying solutions as quickly and effectively as possible.”

John Duffin, Vice President, Acquire Automation

"Our experience with Matrox Iris smart cameras and its software has been very positive—we’ve deployed successful projects in the past using Design Assistant’s efficient edge-based search tools."

Kai Kluwe, Head of Software Development Machine Vision/Measurement, IBG Automation GmbH

"The flow chart is configured and tested in Design Assistant, an interactive design utility that runs on a PC, and then uploaded to the camera. It took a little while to get the camera and the PLC in sync but after a day of tweaking, the communication ran smoothly. […] The IP67-rated housing was welcomed since this makes for easy integration in the system, without the need for additional protection against moisture. To keep the system as compact as possible, we wanted to have the camera and processing combined into one package."

Pascal de Grood, Owner, De Grood Metaaltechniek

"We were happy to see that MIL functions are very fast and powerful. We can now spend more time on our specific job using MIL functions instead of wasting time writing our own functions from scratch. MIL definitely helped our productivity. Compared with what we did before, MIL saves programming time and MIL code is easier to read and understand when several programmers work on the same project."

Michel Rodière, Electronics Department Manager, MAF Roda Agrobotic