Imaging News

Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA
March 21-23, 2022
Representative: North Coast Technical, Inc.
Booth: No. 2705
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes, UK
April 28, 2022
TCF Center, Detroit, Michigan
June 6-9, 2022
Booth: No. 4307  


Messe Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany
October 4-6, 2022
Hynes Convention Center
Boston, MA
October 11-13, 2022

Vision Systems Design, January 2022
By Chris McLoone


Matrox® Imaging has released a major update to its powerful software development kit (SDK), Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) X.

Imaging & Machine Vision Europe, December 2021
By Greg Blackman
Association for Advancing Automation (A3), December 2021
By John Lewis

Matrox® Imaging released Version 2109 of its flowchart-based vision software, Matrox Design Assistant® X, which includes a range of new 3D steps; supports Matrox Iris GTX smart cameras; offers OPC UA communication; features a new HDR step; and simplifies project troubleshooting and optimization.