Powerful Prototyping with Matrox Inspector 8.0

November 8, 2005, Stuttgart, Germany Today at the Vision 2005 show in Stuttgart, Germany, Matrox Imaging is announcing the newest release of its Matrox Inspector software development tool. "Matrox Inspector really is the perfect complement to the Matrox Imaging Library," explains Irene Leszkowicz, Interactive Software Leader, Matrox Imaging. "Inspector offers an interactive interface to all of MIL's functionality, allowing the user to save in development time by experimenting with the steps of their applications."
Matrox Inspector 8.0 features two new modules: String Reader for feature-based OCR, and Edge Finder for feature extraction. Other enhancements include support for image looping without scripting (testing algorithms on batches, or test sets, of images) from previously saved images, or direct from the camera, as well as support for multiple cameras or multiple systems.

About Matrox Inspector

Designed to meet the needs of developers and end-users alike, Matrox Inspector is an interactive Windows® application for image capture, processing, analysis, display and archiving. Based on the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) software development toolkit, Matrox Inspector provides point-and-click access to an extensive set of optimized functions for image processing, pattern recognition, blob analysis, edge extraction and analysis, measurement, character recognition, 1D and 2D code reading, calibration, and image compression. MIL users employ Matrox Inspector as a companion tool to facilitate the development of their machine vision, image analysis or medical imaging applications. End-users, such as scientists, technicians and engineers, rely on Matrox Inspector to perform and automate image enhancement and measurement tasks.
Matrox Inspector is fully compatible with all Matrox Imaging hardware, including Matrox Morphis, Solios, and Helios. A Matrox Inspector edition for Odyssey is also available.
Matrox Inspector 8.0 is expected to ship by the end of the year.