Matrox Imaging OCR Solution to Be Featured at Mettler-Toledo Booth

V2360 Flex flexible vision system to perform process inspection tasks powered by CIVCore software with integrated Matrox SureDotOCR

Mettler-Toledo Suredotocr application
Mettler-Toledo’s Pack Expo Booth Features a Mettler-Toledo V2630 Flex running the CIVCore Software, utilizing SureDotOCR
MONTREAL – November 1, 2016 — At PACK EXPO 2016, (Chicago, November 6-9, booth E-7747), the Matrox® SureDotOCR™ vision tool, the first OCR technology specifically designed to overcome the challenges involved with reading dot-matrix text, will be in use as a component of the Mettler-Toledo CIVCore software being shown at the Mettler-Toledo booth (S-1700).
Demonstrated on the Mettler-Toledo’s V2630 Flex flexible vision system, the CIVCore software, integrated with SureDotOCR, will be performing a process inspection task highlighting the software’s functions including allowing users to easily manage product changeovers, configure new inspections and enable advanced reporting statistics to monitor operational efficiency.
The V2630 Flex flexible vision system will be demonstrating label inspection for oriented packaging, a typical container type in food industries. Along with verifying correct labels have been applied, the integrated DotPrint Tool will detect expiration dates imprinted on the bottle using an inkjet printer. Using the DotPrint Tool, based off of the SureDotOCR tool from Matrox, the V2630 Flex flexible vision system provides a robust vision inspection solution for companies that want to ensure the highest quality products are manufactured per their brand standards.
"Incorporating new vision tools, such as SureDotOCR, into CIVCore is a cornerstone of our platform, ensuring our customers have the right tools for their vision inspection applications," said Rick Koval, Software Development Manager at Mettler Toledo CI-Vision. "Inkjet printing is a critical technology in the packaging industry. Used for everything from best by dates to lot/batch number tracking, the SureDotOCR tool from Matrox allows manufacturers to now inspect packages more-accurately, ensuring high-quality products are being sent to market.”
“Packaging equipment makers, like Mettler-Toledo CI-Vision, are always looking for ways to offer more reliable solutions for reading product identification information printed as dot-matrix text,” said Sam Lopez, director of sales and marketing at Matrox Imaging. “Robust enough to handle all commonly encountered circumstances that make dot-matrix text reading challenging and easy enough to use with little tuning required, SureDotOCR is earning a place as an essential tool in packaging inspection.”

CIVCore Control Software

The powerful Mettler-Toledo CIVCore software and intuitive user interface make vision inspection a simple user experience. Designed to automate vision inspection processes, CIVCore offers a quick part change-over interface, wizard-based tool training, easy-to-export statistical reports and the ability to send warning or shut down signals based on pattern failures. Control and audit multi-level user profiles allow granular user permissions, important to processes with a wide variety of potential users.


SureDotOCR is the first OCR technology specifically designed to overcome the challenges of reading dot-matrix text, particularly on packaging lines in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Simply requiring the expected dot size and dimensions of a box framing the entire text of interest, the SureDotOCR tool handles non-uniform dot spacing; deformed and skewed characters; rotated text strings; varying contrast; uneven backgrounds and other anomalies

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