Matrox Imaging at Collaborative Robots & Advanced Vision Conference

Original event brings industry experts together to explore newest advancements in automation

Collaborative Robots & Advanced Vision Conference
MONTREAL, Quebec—October 19, 2017—Matrox® Imaging is pleased to announce that it will be participating in Automated Imaging Association’s (AIA) inaugural Collaborative Robots & Advanced Vision Conference in San Jose, California, from November 15-16.
In addition to an exciting schedule of presentations, conference attendees will have the opportunity to meet with Matrox Imaging experts (booth 47) to learn about the field-proven Matrox software and hardware for machine vision applications.
These latest innovations include:
  • Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) 10: A comprehensive collection of software tools for developing machine vision applications. MIL 10 now includes MIL CoPilot, an interactive environment that facilitates and accelerates the evaluation and prototyping of applications.
  • Matrox Design Assistant: The first hardware-independent integrated development environment (IDE) that lets users build a machine vision project based on an application flowchart and HMI.
  • Matrox Iris GTR: An extremely rugged, IP67-rated camera measuring just 75mm x 75mm x 54mm allowing it to fit into tight and dirty spaces.
  • Matrox 4Sight GPm: A vision controller featuring a unique combination of embedded PC technology, ruggedness, and compact size ideal for cost-sensitive image analysis and machine vision applications.
“We’re excited to be part of a new event that provides attendees and exhibitors with a platform to gain valuable insight into the industry’s ever-evolving landscape,” said Sam Lopez, director of sales and marketing, Matrox Imaging. “We’ll be able to intimately collaborate, discuss, and share ideas, whether it’s on industry trends and developments, or addressing specific technical challenges and opportunities for a specific application.”

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