Latest Version of Matrox Imaging Library Features Support for Most Widely Used Embedded Vision Platform

MIL X introduces support for the Arm® Cortex®-A family of processors with enhanced performance using the Neon™ SIMD architecture extension

MIL X for Arm board configuration
The latest iteration of MIL vision software—MIL X—delivers support for Arm processor architecture
MONTREAL, Quebec, 25 February 2020—With the release of Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) X, Matrox® Imaging proudly now offers support for Arm processor architecture, the most widely-used platform for embedded vision systems.
With MIL X, the field-proven processing and analysis functionality users have come to rely on with this vision software development kit (SDK) are now available to run on the Arm Cortex-A embedded processors, specifically those based upon the Armv8-A 64-bit architecture.

Advantages of embedded vision

Embedded vision refers to the integration of an image sensor and a processor chip. Historically, vision systems have been predominantly PC based, meaning they could be large in size and high in price. With technological advances, image sensors and processors have become so highly integrated that these components can now be easily embedded into the limited space available in devices, machines, and systems at minimal cost. Key advantages of embedded vision systems are their small footprint, minimal weight, reduced cost, and low power consumption.
Suitable for a diverse range of industrial applications, embedded vision systems are a growing part of factory automation in such applications as automotive component manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and processing, electronics manufacturing and assembly, industrial robotics, and packaging, amongst others.
MILX for Arm Ubuntu Interface
MIL X running on Ubuntu for Arm

All within Arm’s reach

Arm is the industry's most prevalent platform for embedded vision; the release of MIL X now provides support for a wide selection of processing, analysis, annotation, display, and archiving functionality directly on Arm Cortex-A family processors. MIL X’s processing and analysis functions are optimized for speed using the Neon SIMD architecture extension. Available to select users qualified by the Matrox Imaging sales team, MIL for Arm is available as a separate software package compatible with the MIL X version. MIL for Arm is supported on appropriate 64-bit Linux distributions, like the one from Ubuntu.
A primer on how to set up, configure, and deploy MIL software using Arm architecture can be found in this video.
“In addition to the host of enhanced features, functionality, and prototyping utilities that comprise this latest MIL release, we have also integrated support for Arm processors,” said Pierantonio Boriero, director of product management, Matrox Imaging. “This support ensures that customers have access to the most widely used platform for developing embedded vision systems, and thus can benefit from the inherent advantages of these kinds of chips, within the trusted MIL software environment.”


MIL X Service Pack 4 is available now in early access form, with the official release slated for Q2 2020. MIL for Arm is available to select users as a separate package upon qualification.
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