Matrox Imaging Leadership Team

Sam Lopez

Salvatore Lopez, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Matrox Imaging

Salvatore (Sam) is Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Matrox Imaging. Sam first joined Matrox in 1986 as a Hardware Design Engineer. In 1991, Sam made the move to Sales, joining a software start-up Mitech Computer Systems Inc. He returned to Matrox in 1996, assuming the role of European Sales Manager before becoming Manager of Sales & Marketing of the entire Imaging division in 2011. Over the course of his career, Sam has led Sales, Marketing, Applications Engineering, Technical Support, Software Quality Assurance, Product Management, and Technical Training teams. He was also President of the board of directors of the CPE Les Micropuces, Matrox’s in-house daycare center, for over 10 years. Sam holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Concordia University. He enjoys downhill skiing and cycling, and is a lover of music of many genres.

Laval Tremblay

Laval Tremblay, Vice President, Engineering, Matrox Imaging

Laval is Vice President of Engineering for Matrox Imaging. Prior to joining Matrox, Laval held different engineering positions at Mitel Semiconductors and Northern Telecom. In 1983, he joined the Matrox Hardware team as a Design Engineer, before advancing to numerous other engineering roles in the Imaging division, including Manager of Imaging, Group Director, Director of Projects, and Director of Engineering. He is responsible for the Hardware and Software Engineering, Research & Innovation, NPI, and Technical Writing teams. A member of the Quebec Order of Engineers, Laval holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal. From his debut at Matrox and to this day, Laval is known for spending his long summer vacation time canoeing the Canadian Central Arctic, away from the city.

Bruno Parent

Bruno Parent, Director, Sales (Canada & Europe), Matrox Imaging

Bruno Parent is Director of Sales, Canada and Europe for Matrox Imaging. Bruno joined Matrox in 1986 while still in university and later as an Applications Engineer. In 1989, Bruno made the move to Sales, first covering the Central US and then the West Coast. Hearing the call of the software startup world, Bruno left the company in 1993 but returned in 1995 as Canadian Sales Manager before being promoted to North American Sales Manager in 2000. In 2011, Bruno became European Sales Manager while retaining his responsibilities for Canada. Bruno holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from McGill University. He helped create the McGill Student Cooperative, later becoming its President and growing its business to $1M a year. Bruno has been involved in his community, helping to manage the local American Youth Football Association for over 10 years (and earning three state championships!). A history buff, he originally wanted to become an archeologist! On the weekend, you’ll find Bruno exploring antique shops around Québec.

Chen Xu

Chen Xu, Director, Sales (Asia Pacific), Matrox Imaging

Chen Xu is Director of Sales for Asia Pacific for Matrox Imaging. Chen joined Matrox in 1997 as an Applications Engineer. In 1999, Chen made the move to Sales, taking care of the Japan, Korea, and China markets. In 2011, Chen became Sales Manager of Asia Pacific and was promoted to Sales Director in 2020. Chen has a passion for learning. She holds bachelor’s degree in Automation from Tsinghua University China, a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tokyo Japan, and an MBA from the John Molson Business School in Canada. In her spare time, Chen enjoys reading novels in print, swimming, downhill skiing, and playing tennis.

Roberto Baccega

Roberto Baccega, Director, Sales (US and South America), Matrox Imaging

Roberto Baccega is Director of Sales responsible for the U.S. and South America. Roberto joined Matrox Imaging in 1996 as an intern while completing his engineering degree and joined full time in 1997 as an Applications Engineer. In 2000, Roberto made the move to Sales, first covering the U.S. Midwest and then expanding to include the U.S. East Coast. In 2011, Roberto became U.S. Sales Manager. Roberto holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering (Computer Option) from Concordia University. Performance driven, he never backs down from challenges, whether in business, sports, or daily life.  An experienced and skilled alpine skier, he’s called to the mountains in the winter and enjoys cycling with friends in the summer. Roberto is passionate about technology, traveling, and sharing experiences with friends and family.