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Matrox is Here to Support you

At Matrox®, we put the health and well-being of our employees and customers first.
We are committed to supporting our community through these challenging times resulting from COVID-19.

Updated Statement on COVID-19: April 14, 2021

While the vaccination effort is ramping up in Canada and in the province of Quebec, public authorities continue their efforts to help slow the community spread of COVID-19.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, Matrox has complied with all the measures imposed by public authorities, and beyond. During this period, Matrox has successfully deployed a robust remote work program while implementing all recommended public health and safety measures to ensure the health and wellness of our valued on-site employees. At all times, Matrox has remained open and fully operational with full-scale manufacturing and distribution in all of our worldwide facilities.

Matrox is committed to providing ongoing support and production to our customers and partners while keeping the health and well-being of everyone in our community a top priority.


Ways we're assisting our employees and customers

How we are supporting our employees


How we are supporting our customers

    As of April 15, here is a non-exhaustive list of measures Matrox has implemented to protect and support our employees and customers.

    Employee support

    • Safeguarding the working environments of Matrox headquarters (Quebec) and our offices across the globe

    • Suspending all travel, as well as on-site visits, to our worldwide offices and facilities

    • Withdrawing from in-presence international tradeshows, conferences, and events

    • Enabling fully functional remote and staggered work programs for all our employees. Other than production and some operations employees, only the limited employees whose presence is essential for the pursuit of our activities work from our over 300 000 sq. ft. headquarter facilities. 

    • Holding meetings and recruitment interviews by audio or video conferencing

    • Limiting access to conference rooms

    • Ensuring mandatory surgical mask use in our headquarters

    • Deploying thermal camera scanning at all entrances of our headquarters’ buildings

    • Quarantining of affected employees and deep cleaning of exposed area to eliminate potential contamination

    • Expanding safety measures for production teams—i.e habitually outfitted with safety garments, visors, and masks—to include increased sanitation of protective equipment

    • Increasing cleaning efforts to high-frequency and common areas at all office locations, including the production floor

    • Closing all on-site recreation facilities

    • Installing hand-sanitizing stations at all office and facility entry/exit points

    • Enforcing social distancing everywhere through the use of interior and exterior signage, floor markers, spacing tables and desks and installation of physical barricades as required

    • Enhancing air filtering and flow

    • Communicating regularly with employees about safety precautions, what to do in case of symptoms, as well as mental health issues

    • Encouraging employees to download the Canadian COVID Alert application

    • Participating in community detection and vaccination efforts. Matrox has developed a number of HR policies in this regard, while also offering paid hours to allow employees to get vaccinated. Matrox believes that mass vaccination is key to eradicate the pandemic.

    Matrox safety measures have been monitored by the Quebec Labor Health and Safety Board

    Customer support

    • Supporting full-scale manufacturing with production facilities across two continents and full-scale distribution through our global operations. Matrox production and delivery cycles have continued uninterrupted during these difficult times

    • Offering committed and ongoing customer support and service

    • Sending up-to-the-minute press releases and email communications about supplemental support, provisional licensing, and remote trainings available

    • Increasing frequency of LinkedIn postings to ensure effective communication of initiatives and support

    How can we help you?

    Remote technical support offerings

    Technical support

    All our support teams remain available for remote help, troubleshooting, and development assistance to ensure your business operations continue.

    • Front-line technical support teams provide remote assistance to our registered software users; they are on hand to answer questions regarding product installation and trouble-shooting. Contact technical support by web or by phone at (514) 822-6061.
    • Matrox Professional Services offer deeper technical assistance to help customers looking for in-depth support and guidance for developing particular applications, interfacing, remote debugging, and assessing project feasibility. These paid services can be coordinated by contacting your local sales representative.

    Vision Academy training and learning support

    Training and learning support

    Access to Matrox Vision Academy’s library of training videos is available to anyone who is interested—no download or purchase necessary.

    • From full courses to step-by-step tutorials, Matrox Vision Academy provides a suite of on-demand videos on key machine-vision tools in Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) or Matrox Design Assistant.
    • To get up and running, please request a free evaluation of either MIL or Matrox Design Assistant vision software.

    Machine vision software and development support

    Software and development support

    With continued efforts to support development, provisional licenses for MIL and Matrox Design Assistant are available to registered users working from home.


    Current Matrox employment opportunities

    Employment opportunities

    The Matrox Group is an essential technology supplier to industries at the forefront of the COVID-19 battle. Help us keep servicing these key areas by joining our team of experts.