EMC Test Engineer

Dorval, QC
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Position Summary 

As the EMC test engineer, you are responsible for a variety of technical aspects for the EMC lab, which include testing, reporting, training, and documentation.   You will actively contribute to the upholding of our Quality Management System, policies and procedures, as well as the maintenance of our ISO 17025 accreditation.  In this capacity, you will interact with the Conformity Group’s customers (internal Matrox groups) and will act as the Conformity Group Manager’s in his/her absence.



  • Maintain up to date knowledge of EMC norms, standards, and referenced test procedures,
  • Research and keep abreast of latest EMC and RF test methods;
  • Work with management to update test procedures and training as needed;
  • Research and communicate understanding of tests standards for various regulatory and geographical domains;
  • Perform EMC testing;
  • Perform ISO-accredited internal test equipment calibration;
  • Generate and review EMC test reports;
  • Provide training on EMC/RF testing to other employees;
  • Actively participate in setting up and maintaining new tests or test areas;
  • Oversee and manage product testing at third-party facilities;
  • Assist in maintaining ISO 17025 accreditation;
  • Actively participate in debugging of EMC related issues;
  • Maintain detailed notes of troubleshooting steps and resolutions;
  • Communicate progress and technical issues with clients;
  • Request estimates from vendors;
  • Participate in design and manufacturing reviews to prevent EMC problems ahead of product release;
  • Verify PCBs for possible EMC problems prior to release.



  • University Degree in Electrical or Electronic Engineering;
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in EMC and RF testing field;
  • Knowledge of ISO 17025 requirements;
  • OIQ membership;
  • Motivated, thorough and detail oriented;
  • Organized, critical thinker, team player;
  • Comfortable with troubleshooting.


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