Matrox X.tools build 4263 for use with Adobe Premiere 6.5

Updates for your Matrox RT.X100 Xtreme software. (June 4, 2003 - 312 MB)

his release of Matrox X.tools upgrades your RT.X100 system to RT.X100 Xtreme. Here are the main features:

  • New features in the Matrox realtime plug-in: A number of new features have been added to the Matrox realtime plug-in for Adobe Premiere, including enhanced editing tools and improved preview capabilities.
    • With XtremePreview, you can edit and preview numerous video and graphics layers without having to render.
    • Professional vectorscope/waveform monitors let you examine the video signal components of your clips while making proc amp adjustments and other color corrections.
    • With advanced realtime detection, a red bar now appears over segments of the Timeline where effects are placed too close, indicating that the segments require rendering to avoid having dropped frames in your exported video. As well, when you play back the Timeline, a red bar will identify any segments with dropped frames.
    • You can now create realtime effects using up to two video clips and four single-frame graphics clips.
    • The new Move and Scale effect (provided as a Matrox Effect add-on) lets you apply up to six 2D DVEs simultaneously in real time. For example, you can use this effect to create a realtime animated title with four single-frame graphics clips, keyed over two picture-in-picture effects on video.
    • The new Old Movie effect (provided as a Matrox Effect add-on) lets you create an old-film look on your clips by adding scratches, flicker, jitter, and grain.
    • Improvements have been made to the quality of chroma keys on PAL video.
    • Improved cropping controls let you easily apply crop settings to a Matrox effect directly in a cropping window, and you can select Simple edit to apply the same crop settings for the duration of your clip.
    • You can now preview your realtime effects by toggling between tracks in the Matrox Effect Setup dialog box, and use Solo Mode to preview only the source for the effect that you're editing.
    • You can now preview audio when you play or scrub in the Matrox Effect Setup dialog box, and Alt+drag the Positioner to render-scrub your effect (same as when you render-scrub on the Timeline). Video is displayed on your computer monitor as well as your NTSC or PAL video monitor.
    • You can select a different default effect for each effect category (advanced DVEs, page curls, etc.).
    • You can undo and redo most changes you make to the settings of an effect.

      Note: When you apply a Matrox video effect to a clip, the Matrox Effect Setup dialog box no longer automatically opens. Instead, you must click Setup beside your effect in the Effect Controls palette.
  • Improved speed control: Matrox X.tools now provides two methods of processing realtime speed changes in your Adobe Premiere projects (blended-field or repeat-field). Depending on whether your project is slow-paced video or fast-action video, you can choose the type of speed control that's best suited for your video project.
  • Single-frame export to file: You can now choose to export a single frame of video from your Premiere Timeline to a Matrox DV/DVCAM .avi file.
  • Matrox MediaTools improvements: With Matrox MediaTools, you can now capture live video from your DV-1394 device. For example, you can use a copy stand and grab single-frame images from your live video. You can also easily select the type of file you want to create (.avi or .tga) when you grab single-frame images.
  • Interleaved audio/video file support: Matrox X.tools now creates .avi files with interleaved audio and video, instead of separate .avi files for video and .wav files for audio. You can, however, still use clips created with earlier versions of Matrox X.tools.
  • New analog audio input selections: Matrox X.tools now provides additional audio input selections for sound cards that do not have matching audio inputs and outputs, such as the Sound Blaster Audigy 2.
  • WYSIWYG DirectShow support: The WYSIWYG DirectShow Control Panel lets you display video from Microsoft DirectShow-compliant applications such as DVDit! SE or Windows MediaPlayer on your NTSC or PAL video monitor. This gives you a "WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)" video display for checking how your clips appear on a TV or other interlaced monitor. You can also record your clips onto analog tape as they play back on your video monitor.
  • Matrox VFW capture driver: The Matrox VFW capture driver allows you to use your Matrox RT.X hardware with your Video for Windows program to capture analog video using capture programs other than Adobe Premiere, such as Sonic Foundry's Vegas Video. You can also use the Matrox VFW capture driver with many messenger and video conferencing programs (such as Microsoft NetMeeting) to send streaming video over the internet or your corporate intranet.
  • Additional installation options: You can switch your video standard without re-installing Matrox X.tools. You can also choose to install the Matrox Effect add-ons during your Matrox X.tools installation, and uninstall any Matrox Effect add-ons from the Start menu. As well, more Matrox Effect add-ons can be installed that were previously available only on fxzone.matrox.com.
  • New and improved HTML Help: Matrox X.tools has new and improved online Help, based on Microsoft's HTML Help format. To properly view the online Help, you must have Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later (5.0 or later is recommended).

Note: Because Adobe Premiere Pro supports Microsoft Windows XP only, you must install this release of X.tools on a Windows XP system.

For complete details on these updates, as well as a list of fixes and other last-minute information, please download the new RT.X100 Xtreme Pro Release Notes.

Installation instructions:

This release is 311.7 MB in size, which will require many hours to download if you don't have high-speed Internet access. It's available as one large downloadable file or several split files you can download and then reassemble with a supplied batch file.

Caution - before you download

  • If you installed any Matrox add-on effects on your RT.X100 system, remove them using Add/Remove Programs in Windows Control Panel.
  • Uninstall any previous version of Matrox X.tools before installing this release. To do this, choose Start > Programs > Matrox X.tools > Uninstall.
  • Once you complete the download, the resulting file is compressed as a zip archive, with subfolders stored in the file. In order to run Matrox X.tools Setup, you must make sure the folders are recreated when you extract the files. For example, if you use the program WinZip in "Classic" mode, make sure the Use folder names checkbox is selected in the Extract dialog box before you extract the files.

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