Tested AGP display cards

Please find below a list of tested AGP display cards for RT2500.

Important notes

  • Be sure to check the individual compatibility details for the motherboard or system of your choice to see which display cards were tested with it, as well as to read about any known issues.
  • To use a non-Matrox display card on a Windows Me system, you must check your Matrox RT2500's BIOS version, and if needed, download and run the Matrox Flex 3D BIOS updater as explained in the RT2500 utilities and fixes section in the Matrox RT2500 software area.
  • Matrox G550 users  To use a Matrox G550 display card, you must download and install version 5.72.021 of the Matrox display driver for Windows XP/Windows 2000 or version 6.72.016 for Windows ME/98SE, available from the Previous drivers section of the Matrox Graphics web site. Make sure you install one of these drivers before installing your Matrox RT2500 card. You must also use Matrox Video Tools 3.1 or later.
  • Matrox Parhelia users  Before installing a Matrox Parhelia display card or updating your Parhelia driver for use with your RT2500, make sure you read this Important Notice.
Manufacturer Card Graphics engine
Matrox Parhelia (see note above) Parhelia 512 GPU
Matrox Millennium G550 (see note above) Matrox G550
Asus V8200 T2 NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti200
Asus V8170 DDR NVIDIA GeForce4 MX440
Asus V8460 Ultra NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4600
ATI Radeon (tm) 8500 ATI Radeon
Elsa Gladiac 920 NVIDIA Geforce 3
Hercules 3D Prophet(tm) III Titanium 200 NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti200

Previously RT2500-tested compatible display cards

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