Software updates

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Software updates

Matrox Video Tools version 3.1 to 3.1b updater February 14, 2002
Matrox Video Tools version 3.1b February 6, 2002
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PRO Pack add-ons and updates

Effect add-ons for RT2000 are now available exclusively at http://www.fxzone.matrox.com  
PAL encoding profiles for Matrox MediaExport with PRO Pack February 12, 2002
Hotfix for using Adobe After Effects with Matrox PRO Pack January 18, 2002

Utilities and fixes

Sonic Solutions DVDit! LE Version 2.5.4, Build 59993D August 27, 2002
Hotfix for installing Adobe Premiere 6.5 on your RT system August 16, 2002
Inscriber TitleExpress 1.5 March 15, 2002
OpenGL drivers for your Millennium Flex 3D Edition card December 14, 2001
Matrox Video for Windows (VFW) software codecs April 19, 2001

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