SMART I/O for Apple Final Cut Studio

In 2006 Matrox changed the game for Final Cut Pro editors by making HD-SDI monitoring and output from a MacBook Pro a reality and facilitating the trend toward mobile editing. Other innovations quickly followed including units that could run off camera batteries, making them the ideal choice for use by journalists in the field and in OB vans.

Now, the Matrox MXO2 devices are still the only solutions that connect anywhere, to laptop and desktop systems, including all the new Macs – 13", 15", and 17" MacBook Pros, Mac Minis, iMacs, and MacBook Airs – with the same versatile unit. Connectivity is provided by via Thunderbolt, PCIe, or ExpressCard/34. Even customers who purchased MXO2 devices years ago can simply purchase a Matrox Thunderbolt adapter to future-proof their editing systems.

Along with the new Matrox Mojito MAX card, MXO2 devices are also the only I/O solutions on the market that integrate directly with Compressor to let you deliver H.264 files up to five times faster than software alone without sacrificing quality!

Capture, scale, monitor, and output in any format you need – from analog and HDMI to HD-SDI. Monitor your 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound mixes using professional connections. Turn your HDMI screen into a professional grade video monitor with the unique Matrox HDMI Calibration Utility. Enjoy special benefits with Apple Final Cut Pro, Compressor Color, SoundTrack Pro, and Motion.

Get the most from Final Cut Studio!

Choose the Matrox I/O product that’s right for you based on the I/O formats and form factor you need for your workflow.

Apple Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro editors can take advantage of the full range of Matrox MXO2 and Mojito MAX features plus other important benefits such as support for ProRes and other leading codecs, RED workflows, XDCAM and P2 workflows, closed captioning, AFD, and hardware acceleration of Final Cut Pro Dynamic RT segments.

RED workflow support

RED users can benefit from Matrox I/O products on set and in the post suite. On set, connected to a MacBook Pro (or Mac Pro), a Matrox I/O device gives you live ingest on site. You can connect the SDI output from your RED camera and ingest at 720p through your MacBook Pro and FW800 storage while storing the original R3D and proxy files directly to your RED storage. Back in the post suite, you can use a Matrox I/O device to work with 1K and 2K RED timelines and output to SD, 720, or 1080 using the realtime 10-bit hardware scaling feature.

Smooth file-based workflows for

Matrox I/O devices let you monitor and output your XDCAM HD and P2 HD timelines at full frame rate and full frame size from Final Cut Pro without first transcoding to an intermediate format such as ProRes or DVCPRO. You save time on every project and enjoy a more fluid workflow.

While you edit, the Matrox I/O devices let you see your XDCAM HD or P2 HD project on your broadcast monitor or an inexpensive HDMI display at the correct frame rate and size with no dropped frames. You just put your footage on the timeline and press play. Once you've finished your edit, the Matrox I/O device lets you play out your XDCAM HD or P2 HD timeline directly from Final Cut Pro to SDI and analog formats. The same workflow also applies to XDCAM, XDCAM HD, XDCAM HD422 and P2. Simply shoot, log/transfer, edit, then output.

Closed Captioning

All Matrox MXO2 products and Mojito MAX support NTSC closed captioning with Final Cut Pro.

Matrox SDI I/O devices also provide HD-SDI closed captioning support using the patent-pending Matrox 4VANC tool. You will no longer need to spend time and money recreating HD captioning data that is typically lost when editing projects in Final Cut Pro. The unique Matrox workflow lets you capture, playback, and preserve closed captioning data while editing. Nothing is destroyed even when trimming or color correcting video clips.

In addition, Matrox has worked with CPC, the closed captioning software leader, to develop an innovative solution that allows the MacCaption software to encode, decode, edit, and create HD and SD closed captioning for use with the Matrox SDI I/O devices. They also provide a cost effective way to monitor HD timelines containing closed captioning data on SDI and component SD monitors, while also inserting closed captioning information into line 21 of active video for SD deliverables. You can deliver HD and SD masters containing closed captions simultaneously.

Active Format Description (AFD) support

AFD is a standard set of codes in the SDI signal that broadcasters use to enable both 4:3 and 16:9 television sets to optimally present pictures transmitted in either format. Matrox I/O products support AFD in the SDI video signal using the patent-pending Matrox 4VANC tool. Matrox 4VANC will capture, maintain, and restore your AFD information while capturing, editing and outputting an SDI signal through your Matrox SDI I/O device.

Hardware acceleration of Final Cut Pro Dynamic RT segments,

When you are working with Final Cut Pro Dynamic RT segments or the HDV and DVCPRO HD formats, the 10-bit hardware scaler in your Matrox I/O device takes some of the burden off your CPU, saving processing power for other Final Cut Pro operations, so you get better realtime performance.

In Dynamic RT editing mode, Final Cut Pro automatically reduces frame size to let you preview non-realtime segments of your project at a better frame rate. With the Matrox hardware scaler, these segments are accelerated to their original frame size.

The Matrox hardware scaler accelerates HDV and DVCPRO HD to full resolution during playback.

Apple Compressor

Matrox MAX-enabled MXO2 devices and the Mojito MAX card let you deliver H.264 files up to 5 times faster than software alone without sacrificing quality by directly integrating with Compressor. Read more

Apple Color

Matrox I/O products give Color users maximum flexibility. You can view your work simultaneously in both HD and SD from a single timeline on broadcast monitors or take advantage of the unique Matrox HDMI Calibration Utility that turns an inexpensive HDMI display into a monitor you can trust while color grading.

SoundTrack Pro

Every project requires some sort of audio sweetening to enhance the final production. With Matrox I/O devices and SoundTrack Pro, workflows from simple voice-overs to full surround sound mixes can be monitored directly. You can not only hear your audio mix as you work, but also use video output capabilities of you Matrox product to view your video at the same time.


While you are creating eye-catching 2D or 3D graphics or special effects sequences in Motion, you can rely on your Matrox I/O device to view your work in all its glory, exactly as it will look to your audience, in HD or SD.

Choose the Matrox I/O product that’s right for you based on the I/O formats and form factor you need for your workflow.