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See the Matrox Monarch HD streaming and recording appliance at IBC 2014

See the Matrox Monarch HD streaming and recording appliance at IBC 2014

The video also highlights the latest updates to the Matrox Monarch HD, a single channel simultaneous streaming and recording appliance which is integrated in this instance with a Crestron® Controller. This high quality affordable appliance has opened up streaming possibilities beyond traditional broadcast markets to education, legal and corporate applications. Matrox also announces the availability of the Matrox VS4Record Pro, a multi-camera recording and multiviewer app for use with Matrox VS4™ quad HD capture cards.
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View and test Monarch HD's video encoding quality!

Matrox Monarch HD Video Encoding Quality

Download the video source file (Full 1080p ProRes) that was used to encode with the Monarch HD appliance in H.264. You can use this original file to carry out your own tests, with any other hardware or software encoder of your choice, and see firsthand how well the Monarch HD encoded video quality sample files fare in comparison. View Samples

Read Matrox Monarch HD datasheet

Matrox Monarch HD datasheet

Read the Datasheet (PDF format - 1.89 MB)

View the Matrox Monarch HD workflows

Matrox Monarch HD workflows

Monarch HD’s small, easy-to-use design allows for a flexible range of workflow solutions. Worship streaming, and lecture recording and streaming are two examples where the Monarch HD can simultaneously stream a live event and record a master quality version.
View Samples

Read the Workflow samples available for download (PDF format - 2.26 MB).

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