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Rile Reader, Writer, Codecs

Matrox File Reader and Playlist

Key Functions

  • Playback a wide range of industry video, audio and graphic file formats and codecs
  • Handles non-standard files (allows on-air playback without transcoding or rewrapping in advance)
  • Auto detection of file formats of clips with missing or wrong file
  • Extract closed caption, AFD, bar data, time code and other VANC packets
  • Support multiple tracks of audio with different channel types (PCM and MPEG audio)
  • Guaranteed AV synchronization during playback
  • Frame accurate start and stop (for on-air automation playback)
  • On-the-fly parsing and correcting wrong information in the file for smooth on-air playback
  • Detailed error handling for application to easily decide what to do
  • Smooth seeking and shuttling
  • Slow motion support
  • Dynamic motion control (with various speeds) for forwarding and reverse playback
  • Seamless playback looping
  • Seamless switching between readers
  • Seamless switching between different elements in the playlist
  • Dynamic add, insert or remove elements in the playlist during playback
  • Same playlist supports mix of
  • - Different file formats
    - 8- bit and 10-bit video buffers
    - Compressed and uncompressed video data
    - Progressive and interlaced video
    - Different video resolutions
    - Different aspect ratios (either 4:3 or 16:9)
  • Supports file reading for consolidation (no need for decoding and re-encoding)
  • - Trim in and Trim out can be any frame for XDCAM and XAVC LongG files
  • Supports Time Delay and Instant Replay (play back while recording)
  • Allows customized file format or codec to be used in the playlist
  • Easy media validation tool (read faster than real-time) before on-air operation