Matrox M264 Family

Instant density and quality boost for H.264 encoding and decoding
Matrox M264 Family

Matrox M264 family of PCI Express cards features hardware-based multi-channel 8- and 10-bit H.264 encoding, decoding and transcoding capabilities. They provide an instantaneous H.264 quality and density boost offering the pristine quality needed for broadcast contribution, production and distribution. With the capability for up to three channels of 4K XAVC encoding/decoding in a single slot card, the M264 family enables OEMs to provide multi-channel 4K production servers in a PC platform. Supporting the H.264-based Sony XAVC and Panasonic AVC-Ultra mezzanine codecs, it makes live 4K production as easy as today’s XDCAM HD workflows in PC platforms.

The M264 family can encode/decode up to three streams of 4Kp60 at 4:2:2 10-bit, 30 streams of HD long GOP at 4:2:2 10-bit or 48 streams of HD at 4:2:0 8-bit. The faster than real-time encoding/decoding ability of the M264 allows multiple blazing fast transcodes for distribution on differing media platforms. With onboard multi-channel, motion-adaptive deinterlacing, and up/down/cross scaling, the M264 family can repurpose content into any resolution before encoding or after decoding, particularly beneficial for OTT workflows.

Specifically designed for high density encoding/decoding (Baseline Profile to High 10 Intra Profile up to Level 5.2), M264 cards provide the highest possible quality at the lowest power per stream (< 1.5 W per HD stream). The M264 S3 and S2 cards are cloud friendly and their resources can be shared across virtual machines.

Matrox M264 cards are the ideal H.264 accelerators for channel-in-a-box systems, video servers, broadcast graphics systems, multi-viewers, and switchers or to create high-density encoders, transcoders and other broadcast media equipment. The Matrox M264 hardware is supported by the Matrox DSX Software Development Kit. Please refer to the Matrox DSX Developer Products datasheet for information on file I/O, software codecs and CPU effects.

Key features

  • PCI Express Cards
    • M264 - Gen 2, ½ length card
    • M264 S2 - Gen 3, ¾ length card
    • M264 S3 - Gen 3, ¾ length card
  • Multi-channel, high-quality H.264 video encoding, decoding and transcoding
  • Up to 4K resolutions supported
  • 4:2:2 10-bit and 4:2:0 8-bit
  • Hardware based deinterlacing and scaling
  • Real-time and faster than real-time operation
  • Dynamic codec control
  • Sony XAVC compliant encoding including 4K XAVC Long and 4K Intra Class 480
  • Panasonic AVC-Ultra compliant
  • Native MXF file wrapping
  • Native MXF file reading. This includes
    • Trim in and Trim out settings for building playlists
    • File consolidation
    • Time Delay Instant Replay (TDIR) support
  • MXF file truncation and appending during live recording

Performance Chart 1,2 (Number of Streams)

4:2:0 8-bit Long GOP

Resolutions M264 M264 S2 M264 S3
3840x2160p60 2 4 6
1920x1080p60 8 16 24
1920x1080i30 16 32 48
1280x720p60 16 32 48
Proxy (720X480p30) 100 200 300

4:2:2 10-bit

Resolutions GOP Structure Format M264 M264 S2 M264 S3
3840x2160p60 Intra frame XAVC Class 300 & Class 480 / AVC-Intra 4K 1 2 3
1920x1080p60 Intra frame XAVC Class 200 / AVC-Intra 200 3 6 9
1920x1080i30 Intra frame XAVC Class 100 / AVC-Intra 100 10 20 30
3840x2160p60 Long GOP Generic / XAVC 4K Long 1 2 3
1920x1080p60 Long GOP Generic / XAVC Long50 / AVC-LongG50 5 10 15
1920x1080i30 Long GOP Generic / XAVC Long25 / AVC-LongG25 10 20 30
1280x720p60 Long GOP Generic / XAVC Long25 / AVC-LongG25 10 20 30

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1- M264 performance scales with resolutions and frame rates (within defined capabilities) and also supports working with mixed resolutions.
2- M264 S2 provides two independent M264 instances, where each can be individually controlled with 2x the performance. M264 S3 provides three independent M264 instances, where each can be individually controlled with 3x the performance.

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