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Indiana University Selects Matrox Monarch LCS and Kaltura for its Classroom Lecture Captures
Indiana University upgrades by selecting the Monarch LCS lecture capture appliance and the Kaltura software lecture capture system.

Oklahoma State University Streams to Facebook Live and YouTube with Monarch HDX
OSU simplifies multi-platform streaming and expands audience reach for important events.

Purdue University Uses Matrox Encoder for Classroom Lecture Capture and Streaming
Distance education facility selects Matrox Monarch H.264 encoders to record and live stream engineering lectures.

Stetson University

Using Matrox Monarch™ LCS and Ensemble Video to provide first-in-class training for students that integrates classroom learning into real-life situations relevant to today’s business environments.

Lecture Capture

Matrox Monarch LCS

Indiana University Stetson University
Indiana University Stetson University

Streaming and Recording:

Matrox Monarch HDX

Oklahoma-State-University/ Rambert School of Ballet
Oklahoma State University Rambert School of Ballet  

Matrox Monarch HD

University of purdue University of Surrey UQAM
Purdue University University of Surrey UQAM
University of Dallas Ryerson University University of Utah
University of Dallas Ryerson University University of
Montreal Business School HEC    
Montreal Business
School HEC

Matrox VS4

University of Melbourne    
University of Melbourne    


Matrox Convert DVI / Matrox Convert DVI Plus

University of Southern California  
University of Southern California