Your Ideal Lecture Capture Appliance

What are you looking for in a lecture capture solution?

Your ideal lecture capture appliance

Extended Classrooms

Educational institutions can use Monarch LCS to stream lectures via their own web server or media delivery platform directly into the homes of their students for distance learning. The same content that is streamed live can be recorded at a higher quality to a central media library and made available immediately after the class for VOD download.

Monarch LCS offers five modes of operation

In Isolated mode, the appliance provides two independent video files or streams. This feature, when used with a compatible 3rd party multi-stream player, enables the viewer to select their preferred layout. To mix both inputs into a single video asset, the operator can select Picture-in-picture mode, where the camera of the speaker is overlaid on the computer feed, Side-by-side mode, where both inputs are positioned, or Switcher mode, where they can dynamically switch between the video inputs being encoded.

Monarch LCS provides SDI and HDMI outputs

Monarch LCS provides SDI and HDMI outputs. The outputs can be independently set to output either input A or input B, a useful feature for driving in-house projections. The HDMI output also gives the operator the option of selecting the production output at the frame size of the encoding parameters providing the operator a preview of what is being encoded.

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