Presentations 2Go and Matrox Monarch

Presentations 2Go | Open Video PlatformPresentations 2Go is a leading open video platform offering solutions for recording multi-source video and capture of live events, 360° video, management of content, metadata and multi-platform streaming. In combination with Matrox Monarch H.264 encoders, the Presentations 2Go open video server provides users a single cohesive system to capture, encode, stream and record video and audio of lectures and presentation content with flexibility, as well as schedule the streaming and recording. Benefit from the integrated, platform-independent HTML5 player with adaptive bitrate streaming and dynamic layouts.

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Presentations 2Go Open Video Server and Matrox Monarch LCS - Lecture Capture Your Way

Discover the benefits of Presentations 2Go's integration with Matrox Monarch LCS in terms of fully automated lecture capture, webcast and publishing.

Video length: 1:10