Kaltura and Matrox Monarch

Kaltura | Video Technology CompanyKaltura, the world’s leading video technology company, provides innovative live and on-demand video solutions. Kaltura’s open-sourced projects, including the Kaltura Video Platform, ensure ease of customization and interoperability with the entire video ecosystem. The flexible, API-based platform enables custom-built video solutions that can be deployed on the Kaltura cloud, on third-party cloud or on-premise.

Pairing Matrox Monarch LCS dual-channel encoders with the Kaltura Video Platform delivers a more enriched lecture capture integration process. Through the Kaltura interface, users can effortlessly schedule Monarch LCS appliances and publish materials to relevant viewers. Meanwhile, the dedicated Kaltura multi-stream player platform, leverages Monarch LCS’ unique ability to provide two synchronized streams. This allows distance students to effortlessly switch between layouts during playback while maintaining perfectly synced audio and video. Enjoy budget-friendly, stress-free lecture recordings for your education environment.

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