MIL training

Matrox Imaging regularly offers Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) training courses covering the basic software environment as well as the processing and analysis tools. The trainings are instructor-led and held at Matrox headquarters and select locations worldwide. These trainings consist of interactive lectures with hands-on exercises. Custom trainings, tailored to meet specific needs, are also available to be conducted at a customer's site. By participating in MIL trainings, users get to further increase productivity, reduce development costs and bring applications to market sooner.

MIL-Lite Training

Matrox Imaging regularly holds user trainings.

MIL maintenance program

MIL provides registered users automatic enrollment in the maintenance program for one year. This maintenance program entitles registered users to free software updates and technical support from Matrox Imaging. Just before the expiration of the maintenance program, registered users will have the opportunity to extend the program for another year.

Matrox Imaging regularly holds user trainings.

MIL is backed by an experienced and skilled support group.

Matrox Vision Squad

An experienced and skilled technical support group helps users with installation, interoperability and programming matters. Matrox Imaging also offers the assistance of the Vision Squad. The Vision Squad's knowledgeable staff, working closely with MIL tool developers, helps MIL users quickly assess application feasibility and establish the best strategy for using MIL processing and analysis tools to produce a solution. Services range from providing advice to delivering a proof-of-concept imaging application and even its underlying framework.

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