Matrox Design Assistant 5 Development Package
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Matrox Design Assistant 5 flowchart-based vision software for 64-bit Windows 7/8.1/10. Includes DVD with integrated development environment (IDE) and on-line documentation. Also includes one (1) USB hardware key for licensing design-time and run-time environments (for Bead Inspection, Blob Analysis, Code Reader, Color Analysis, Edge Locator, Image Processing, Intensity Checker, Measurement, Metrology, Model Finder, Pattern Matching, SureDotOCR, String Reader, calibration, I/O, communication and GigE Vision® and USB3 Vision™ camera interfaces), as well as a Matrox Design Assistant maintenance registration number.
Note: 75% discount for DA5WINPU if purchased with MIL 10 development package (i.e., MILXWINPU) for the same user or for a MIL user with valid maintenance with the registration number as proof. 50% educational discount for DA5WINPU with proof of institutional affiliation. Discounts cannot be combined.
Matrox Design Assistant Maintenance Program
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Included in the original purchase price of the Matrox Design Assistant development package, it entitles registered users to one year of technical support and access to updates.
DAMAINT One-year extension to Matrox Design Assistant maintenance program per developer.
Note: 75% discount for DAMAINTENANCE if purchased with MIL Maintenance (i.e., MILMAINTENANCE) for the same user. 50% educational discount for DAMAINT with proof of institutional affiliation. Discounts cannot be combined.
Matrox Design Assistant Training
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"Matrox Design Assistant environment" training. 2+ day instructor-led training. Visit Matrox Imaging website for more information.
Matrox Design Assistant 5 Run-Time Licenses
Refer to MIL datasheet - MIL10 Run-Time Licenses section.
Note that Distributed MIL package license is required on a third-party PC in oder to connect to it remotely from the design-time environment. Contact Matrox Imaging or your local representative for more information.

For more information: 1-800-804-6243 / + 1-514-822-6020, or contact sales.

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