Operator interface viewable anywhere

The web-based operator interface, or Operator View, can be accessed remotely through a HTML5-capable web browser4 running on a desktop, HMI or touch-panel PC. The Operator View can also be accessed through the web browser running on the Matrox Iris GTR by way of a simple touch screen connected to the smart camera’s video output and USB interface, eliminating the need for a PC.

A stand-alone HMI application can be created using Microsoft® Visual Studio® to run on a remote PC as an alternative to the webbased operator interface.

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Design a customized Operator View

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Resulting Operator View as seen in a web browser

Security Features

Access to specific Operator Views can be made to require user authentication (i.e., username and password) so only authorized personnel can modify key parameters of a running project.

A project can be locked to a specific Matrox Iris GTR when deployed, preventing it from running on an unauthorized smart camera. A project can also be encrypted during deployment to a smart camera, insuring that the project cannot be read or changed by unauthorized users. Projects locked to a camera are automatically encrypted.

All accesses to a smart camera can be restricted by disabling or adding access rights to the various servers running on the camera (HTTP, FTP, TELNET, file server). The number of connections to any one of these servers can also be controlled.

4. Any HTML5-capable web browser.

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