• Major Update to Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) Vision Software for Linux Released

    February 8, 2016, Montreal — Matrox® Imaging today announced a major update to Linux® support with its core vision software product, Matrox Imaging Library (MIL). MIL 10 R2 for Linux gives users even more ready-made tools to solve 2D and 3D vision challenges from within the familiar and proven MIL API along with numerous productivity enhancements that will reduce time and effort required to bring solutions to market. This release also integrates support for the new Matrox Radient eV-CL frame grabber on Linux.

  • Matrox Imaging Recognized with "Leadership in Automation" Award

    January 20, 2016, Montreal — Matrox® Imaging today announced that the company has been named a First Team leader in the Vision Systems category by PMMI Media Group’s Automation World magazine in the 2015 Leadership in Automation Program. Automation professionals across the discrete, batch and continuous process manufacturing industries voted for their favorite automation vendors in unaided-recall surveys.

  • Matrox Imaging präsentiert Matrox Clarity UHD multi-format, mehrkanal Framegrabber

    14. Januar 2016, Montreal — Matrox® Imaging kündigt heute den Matrox Clarity UHD PCIe® Framegrabber an, eine Ein-Slot-Lösung mit Mini DisplayPort, HD-BNC, HDMI und angepasstem DVI Analog Anschluss für SD, HD und UHD Videoquellen. Matrox Clarity UHD kann mehrere Ströme gleichzeitig erfassen, wie z.B. vier HD (1080p60) oder zwei UHD (4K) Quellen. Optional steht ein H.264 Encoder mit baseline bis high 4:4:4 predictive profile für die optimale Speicherung und Verteilung der Ströme zur Verfügung.

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