Matrox C-Series 7 Tip Guide to Easy Video Wall Designs

Build Interactive Video Walls with Matrox Multi-Display Products

Combine Matrox multi-monitor products with touchscreens to create impressive multi-display, multi-touch installations.

Enhance your in-store digital signage by driving a multi-display touchscreen configuration with Matrox hardware.

Take advantage of reliable solid-state hardware with long product life cycles and stable drivers, along with advanced Matrox PowerDesk desktop management software, available with Matrox multi-display graphics cards and many other Matrox products.

Wayfinding applications benefit from the large scale interactivity afforded by multi-display, multi-touch setups.

Choose Matrox Mura MPX video wall controller boards to address advanced multi-touch video wall project requirements. Ideal for collaborative video walls and multi-panel touch-tables, Mura MPX boards can be combined within a single video wall controller to capture, switch, scale, and composite multiple HD sources along with local video and graphics files on up to 56 displays.

Collaborate on projects by incorporating multi-touch, multi-display technology into your business.

Connect Matrox external multi-display adapters to the video output of your system and expand high-quality graphics and video across dual- or triple-touchscreen setups. Matrox DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go units take advantage of your existing GPU and help you build simple multi-monitor set-ups without opening your system.

In museum or educational settings, large touchscreen installations can help capture and engage your audience.

Interact with a remote workstation in real-time by extending multiple touchpanels over fiber. Matrox Avio and Matrox Extio KVM extenders provide multi-display video, audio, and peripheral extension at a significant distance from the workstation without introducing any compression or latency.

Interactive video walls are useful tools for engaging an audience or collaborating with colleagues. For example, you can:

Create an effective, low-cost multi-display setup by connecting a Matrox TripleHead2Go to three touchscreens.

  • Build interactive wayfinding kiosks with multiple displays to help people understand where they are now and how to get where they’re going.
  • Help get students involved with an interactive display walls in learning environments.
  • Involve museum visitors with a hands-on exhibit.
  • Plan military strategy with the help of multiple touchscreens.
  • Create eye-catching dynamic digital signage installations to engage your audience.
  • Build interactive tradeshow demonstrations that encourage potential customers to “learn more…”.

Read more about Matrox multi-display products and contact Matrox with your project requirements.

Think big.

Matrox add-in graphics cards, video wall controller boards, external multi-display adapters, and KVM extenders can be used to stretch content across almost any multi-display, multi-touch setup, whether you need a simple dual- or triple-monitor solution, or you are looking for a product to address larger, high-density video wall installations.

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