Matrox C-Series 7 Tip Guide to Easy Video Wall Designs

World-Class Portfolio of Hardware, Software, and SDKs for Any Video Wall Requirement

Video wall deployments pose different challenges depending on dimension, resolution, connectivity, and application requirements. Matrox offers a 360° approach, delivering a comprehensive range of hardware and software products designed to meet any video wall project requirement.

Matrox 360 Video walls revolution

Ideal for AV and system integrators and OEMs looking to create small-scale systems for digital signage, conference or classroom presentations, or medium-sized and large multi-board configurations for security, traffic management, or control rooms, Matrox video wall products offer the most reliable, scalable, industry-tested architecture available.

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Choosing the right video wall solution

Our video wall hardware and software collaborate for 360° solutions, delivering seamless capture and display and incredible multi-functional flexibility to meet any video wall project requirement.

  Project Requirement Matrox Solution
Display Build unique video wall installations of up to 56 screens Mix and match cards to suit any video wall requirement: Mura MPX Series delivers four Full HD inputs and four Full HD outputs while Matrox C900 drives up to six 4K displays or up to nine 1920x1200 displays-both from single cards. Pair several cards to expand multi-viewer capabilities, and benefit from third-party interoperability with lead industry products for scalable video wall installations
Drive up to nine displays from a single graphics card Power 3x3 or 9x1 video walls with Matrox C900, the world's first single-slot graphics card capable of driving nine 1920x1200 @60Hz displays
Capture, Encode, Decode Push 4K, 8K, and/or Full HD streams over IP Stream or record high-quality, low-bitrate, multi-channel 4K or HD content over standard IP with Matrox Mura IPX capture, encode, decode, and display cards
Access Full HD inputs and outputs on a single card Capture Full HD content in real time using Matrox Mura MPX video display wall controller cards, the first PCIe Gen2 boards to feature HD-resolution inputs and outputs
KVM Extenders Manage up to 16 monitors from 1 km away Extend zero-latency, fiber-optic signals up to 1 km from host system with Matrox Extio KVM extenders. Combine multiple Extio units to extend as many as 16 screens from a single-system
Send uncompressed content up to 10 km from host system Separate host system from workstations by up to 10 km with Matrox Avio KVM extenders; zero-latency, fiber-optic signal extension supports high bandwidth transmissions of graphics-intensive content
AV over IPFeed video content over IP to operator displays or networked installations Extend or record Full HD video and audio over a standard IP network at user-defined low bitrates withMaevex 5100 Series encoders and decoders
Deliver quad 4K input capture with multiple encode, stream, and record capabilitiesCapture, encode, and stream multiple 4K/UHD and Full HD signals over IP with theMaevex 6100 Series quad 4K encoders
Image QualityOffer highest image quality and leading color depth on fast-moving video and tiny pixel details alikeDeliver market-leading image quality at lower bitrates with RGB 10-bit and YUV 4:4:4 Chroma subsampling, plus 32- and 24-bit color depth options for precise display applications
Video ProcessingDisplay, edit, and manipulate video wall content offline or in real timeManage Matrox-powered video walls with a variety of window and source management features that enable you to display, edit, and control content using Matrox MuraControl video wall management software
Incorporate post-production effects into video wall designs and layoutsLeverage advanced multifunctional processing capabilities to apply customized animations, transitions, and/or compositing effects for smooth, high-fidelity layout designs
SoftwareGain complete reach and control over Maevex topologyFacilitate remote control over all network-connected Maevex units from one central location through PowerStream Plus AV-over-IP software management tool, with API access for deeper customization
Gain command-level access to customize interfaces and/or build software applications Customize a range of software solutions for unique installation needs. Deploy ready-to-use applications for intuitive management of all baseband and network-connected devices. Build custom capture, streaming, and display applications using command-level APIs. High-level APIs and low-level design libraries provide even deeper customization capabilities.