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Matrox Hardware and Software Solutions for Video Wall Applications

Many inputs. Many outputs. Faster video streaming.

Matrox video wall hardware and software solutions help OEMs and system integrators build any type of video wall as we contribute to all approaches—whether in a control room setting, corporate environment, or public venue.

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Matrox video wall solutions come in many forms. The diverse, world-class product portfolio is designed to accommodate AV integrators—whether they are looking to create small-scale, single-board / appliance systems for conference and classroom presentations, or medium-sized and larger multi-board configurations for process control, security, or traffic management, for a few examples. Various options exist, however.

You can:

  • Leverage your system’s existing GPU with one or more Graphics eXpansion Modules (GXMs) external multi-display adapters to drive dynamic 2D and 3D content on up to six monitors
  • Power 3x3 video walls with Matrox C900, the world’s first single-slot PCI Express® x16 graphics card that can drive nine displays at resolutions of up to 1920x1200 @60Hz per output
  • Support up to 18 monitors from a single PC by combining multi-display graphics cards featuring multi-board support
  • Capture full-HD content in real time to fill as many as 56 displays, using Mura MPX video display wall controller boards, the first PCI Express x16 Gen2 boards to feature both HD-resolution inputs and outputs
  • Remotely drive a display or video wall with up to 16 monitors located as far as 1 km away with Matrox Extio KVM extenders
  • Present and manipulate uncompressed graphics-intensive content on HPC (high-performance computing) systems stored securely up to 10 km away by using Matrox fiber-optic Avio KVM extenders in conjunction with your video wall controller
  • Capture and stream excellent-quality video and audio over a standard network with Matrox encoders and decoders. Feed content from network sources or operator displays to your video wall controller or distribute content from a video wall to other networked installations with Matrox Maevex video over IP solutions
  • Stream or record high-quality, low-bitrate, multi-channel 4K or HD content—including video wall sources, displays or regions-of-interest—over standard IP with Matrox Mura IPX capture, encode, decode, and display cards
  • Manage Matrox-powered video walls with a variety of window and source management features that enable you to display, edit, and control content using Matrox MuraControl™ video wall management software

Our display wall hardware and software solutions are designed to work collaboratively to enable the seamless capture and display of inputs as well as incredible multi-functional flexibility when it comes to meeting your personal video wall specifications. Contact Matrox Graphics to see how our products can best meet your needs.


The P.A. People

“In Mura MPX, we found exactly the type of powerful, yet cost-effective solution that we were looking for.”

Chris Dodds, Managing Director, The P.A. People

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Auckland Museum

“There’s no better way for visitors to begin a museum tour than to be wowed by our video wall immediately upon entry.”

Margi Mellsop, head of technical support, Marketing Manager, Auckland Museum

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