Multi-Display Solutions for Financial Trading

Options have value.

In financial trading environments, you need to manage a number of systems—your trading floor, front and back office systems, and even laptops for mobile employees. Matrox offers a broad portfolio of graphics solutions designed to meet the exact needs of our most demanding customers—IT professionals like you.

Matrox has worked closely with industry leaders to provide innovative, productivity-enhancing tools tailored for traders in the financial, energy, and commodities markets. Matrox graphics solutions have been adopted by leading organizations to bring dual, triple, quad, or a larger number of multi-display setups to banks, trading floors, and dealing rooms around the world.

With millions of graphics cards installed worldwide, Matrox has a proven track record driving leading financial information and market data applications such as CQG, Bloomberg, Reuters, Thomson Financial, eSpeed, Hummingbird Exceed®, Microsoft Office Suite, and TradeStation.