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Deliver superior image quality throughout your healthcare facility with technology designed to meet the needs of medical imaging professionals


Matrox display controller boards for radiology, graphics extension units for operating rooms, and display projection controllers provide healthcare facilities with a range of graphics solutions to address the variety of display technology requirements found throughout the enterprise.

  • Radiography & PACS
    Medical display controller boards designed for PACS workstations and a range of modalities, include the Matrox Xenia™, Matrox MED™, and Matrox RAD LPX™ Series. New in 2008, Xenia Series three digital displays from a single PCI Express board with up to 8MP resolution support.
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  • Operating Rooms & Theatres
    Matrox Equinox™ connects one or two high resolution displays and user peripherals in an OR and/or classroom theatre) to an electrically and magnetically isolated host PC up to 250m (820 feet) away Matrox Onyx™ ddrives one or two high resolution displays at the host PC location, replicating information on OR displays, and enabling staff to plan, monitor and manage information from outside the OR.
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  • Large Screen Presentation
    Matrox TheatreVUE™ Series offer flexible display cloning options with stunning image quality.
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Medical display manufacturers and software developers depend on Matrox technology to provide the tools required to deploy medical imaging solutions to their customers, offering significant advantages over traditional solutions.

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