Multi-Monitor Solutions for Content Creation
and Editing

As an artist or digital content creator, you need multiple palettes, menus, bins, controls, and toolbars in your applications. Spread out your projects, work more comfortably, and increase your productivity with a multi-monitor setup.

Increase your workstation's desktop space

Select from a wide range of multi-monitor solutions to achieve a dual, triple, or quad-monitor setup. You can depend on a stable and reliable platform that offers flexible work options, including support for widescreen and portrait resolutions.

Increase your workstation's desktop space

Transform your laptop into a productivity powerhouse

Don't work on a small, cramped laptop screen. Use Matrox Graphics eXpansion Modules to easily connect two or three external displays to your laptop and enjoy an expanded desktop. Take advantage of the laptop screen for video previews or for opening a second application.

Transform your laptop into a productivity powerhouse

Extension technology to edit without any noise distraction

Are you an audio editor? With our KVM Extenders, you can move the computer and its noise outside of your sound editing room. Benefit from up to four monitors to open up and extend multiple tracks, a mixing console, and various editing windows. Read more.

Extension technology

Capitalize on fast, zero-latency graphics and smooth HD video playback

Minimize your deployment cost with Matrox Avio KVM extenders’ innovative design, which transmits all signals over a single duplex LC-LC fiber-optic cable. Extend two DVI displays or one Dual-link DVI display, keyboard, mouse, analog stereo audio, and USB 2.0 devices, all uncompressed up to 10 km (6.2 mi) from your editing workstation without compromising performance.

Zero-compression, zero-latency KVM extenders

More room to edit on your MacBook Pro

ZERO compression. ZERO latency. Discover Avio KVM Extender.