One System. Multiple Displays.
Infinite Possibilities.

Imagine wiring signage in an entire shopping mall with multiple channels of content—from one computer.

Matrox digital signage solutions enable a single computer to power more than one display simultaneously. Best of all, our products are backed by specialized support and partnerships with industry leaders worldwide.

Digital signage at bank on multiple displays powered by one computerDigital signage in a bank driven by Matrox TripleHead2Go featuring three displays in a 3x1 configuration for dynamic messaging – all powered by a single computer

Enjoy flexible configurations

with the ability to choose add-in cards, graphics expansion modules, or digital extension products. Our digital signage solutions offer more screen real estate, allowing you to run compelling dynamic content—however you wish.


Retail Store digital signage on multiple displays powered by one computerRetail Store digital signage driven by Matrox QID featuring four displays in a 2x2 configuration showcasing store promotions – all powered by a single computer

Easily modify the placement of information

on screens. Widescreen support, portrait (pivoted) displays, cloning content from one screen to another, and Bezel Management are just a few of the options you have with PowerDesk software.