Work with Multiple Monitors to Improve
Business Productivity

Could you imagine working with a desk the size of a piece of paper? Confining all your information into one small stack and shuffling the order to view additional documents? Didn't think so.

Working with more than one monitor allows you to spread your applications across your screen real estate, much like you would spread print documents across your desk. It's quite a liberating experience, like stretching your legs after a cramped plane ride, or hitting the open road after grid-locked traffic.

Dual-display Animation

With multiple monitor setups, you're taking advantage of more than one monitor, but only one mouse and keyboard. When you move the mouse pointer off the right edge of the left display, it appears at the left edge of the right display.

In addition, for applications that fall outside of standard computing or IT functions, viewing data across multiple monitors also provides the ability to see critical information that might otherwise be buried under other application windows.

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