Rapid Customization With PowerStream Plus API

Available upon request, the PowerStream Plus API grants integrators and developers command-level access to build personalized Maevex control application and/or to integrate Maevex functionality in existing or even third-party applications.

The Maevex PowerStream Plus API allows access to the entire application feature set and supports a range of customization options, ranging from the creation of a straightforward, single-function application to full integration of all PowerStream Plus features into a own mirrored application.

The level of complexity can be tailored to suit any need: Simple coding enables integrating the existing PowerStream Plus decoder source selection feature and build a simple switching grid to change channels via touchscreen, for example. Need deeper customization? Select from the complete PowerStream Plus feature set to incorporate specific required functionality and develop a custom-designed software application or embed features of PowerStream Plus into existing control applications to simplify and allow more familiarity for users and operators.

Advanced PowerStream Plus API is based on the easy-to-use .NET framework (4.5 or higher) for easy application and familiar programming.

Contact Matrox to request access to the API

Download PDF Maevex PowerStream Plus Datasheet      Download PDF Maevex PowerStream Plus User Guide
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