Multi-Display Desktop Software

Manage your Multi-Display Desktop

Multiple monitor setups are already well established for general computing, but are often a key requirement for high-end corporate or industrial systems, such as those used for financial or control room applications. Matrox display drivers include Matrox PowerDesk multi-display software that allows you to change display settings specific to Matrox graphics hardware. In addition, you can download the free Matrox PowerSpace software to manage multiple virtual desktops.


Matrox PowerDesk*

Easy-to-use software provides comprehensive multiple monitor controls for configuring and managing program windows.

  • Control application window maximization and dialog box positioning
  • Stretch the desktop across all many monitors
  • Clone a desktop across displays (useful for teaching environments)
  • Pivot a display to view it in portrait mode (great for long documents)

The Matrox PowerDesk available with Matrox M-Series graphics cards offers new and enhanced capabilities for the ultimate multi-display experience. Learn more.


Customize your Windows desktop workspace and alleviates the need to minimize and maximize windows when working with multiple applications simultaneously.

*Matrox PowerDesk and Matrox PowerSpace software suites are not compatible with all Matrox graphics hardware. See individual product descriptions for more details on compatibility with Matrox software utilities.