Matrox VDA-1164 System Compatibility List*

Workstation Systems

Manufacturer Model Processor Chipset BIOS Revision
Dell Precision T7500 Intel Xeon E5504 Intel E5520
(Rev 13)
Dell1 Precision T7400 Intel Xeon E5405 Intel E5400B
(Rev C0)
Dell2 Precision T5500 Intel Xeon E5504 Intel E5520 A05
Dell2 Precision T5400 Intel Xeon E5405 Intel E5400B
(Rev C0)
HP XW-8200 Intel Xeon Intel E7525 2.10
HP3 XW-9400 AMD Opteron 2212 Nforce4 Pro3600
(Rev A2)
Lenovo D-20 Intel Xeon E5506 Intel 5520 61KT38AUS
Lenovo D-10 Intel Xeon E5410 Intel 5400A
(Rev C0)

*Compatibility is defined as the general ability of the Matrox VDA-1164 to properly function on the specified system. It does not necessarily take into account interaction with other expansion peripherals or add-in boards. Customers should perform additional testing based on their applications' specific needs. Compatibility is not limited to the platforms listed below. Same models with different CPU or memory and other systems with similar characteristics may also be compatible. Visit for updated compatibility listing.

1The top edge power connector on the VDA decoder card conflicts with the system add-in-card slot bracket.
2Only 1 SATA connector is accessible with a 90° cable connector. To install VDA into system, it is necessary to un-plug some motherboard cables before boards are installed and then plug-in again.
3All SATA connectors are accessible with a 90° cable connector.