KVM Extenders

Work on Multiple Monitors at a Distance, in Real Time

Matrox KVM extenders separate keyboard, mouse, USB devices, audio, and multi-display configurations from the rest of your computer by up to 10 km (6.2 mi) via a single-fiber optic cable. This extension technology enables the centralization of workstations within a climate-controlled server room to protect data, secure hardware, and facilitate IT maintenance, while removing system heat and noise from the workplace. The high-bandwidth fiber-optical transmission also allows the operator to control multiple monitors in real-time without dropped frames or artifacts—performance as if you were sitting right next to your system. Matrox KVM extension solutions support a variety of multi-monitor and high-resolution configurations, including dual, quad, and more.

Long product lifecycles and dedicated customer support make Matrox KVM extenders ideal for control rooms, 24/7 critical environments and enterprise setups that require stable, reliable I/O extension technology. Discover the KVM extender that best suits your extension needs.

KVM Extenders

Product Families

Matrox Avio
Matrox Avio KVM extenders support dual 1920x1200 displays or single 2560x1600, along with USB 2.0 and analog stereo audio, critical for high-performance environments. Avio consist of a rack-mountable transmitter and receiver pair, and extends all the signals uncompressed with zero latency at distances of up to 10 km (6.2 miles) away from the host system.

Matrox Extio
Matrox Extio KVM extenders remotely drive up or four 2560x1600 displays, along with USB and analog stereo audio. Extio consists of a PCIe® add-in card and a receiver pair, and extends all signals in real-time with zero latency. Easily combine multiple Extio units to extend as many as 16 screens from a single-system, delivering unmatched resolution support at distances of up to 1 km (3280 feet).

“The stability, distance—using very little cabling, multi-display support, and image quality [...] were key determining factors in our decision to incorporate this technology"

— Per Lundmark, ABB

"The reliability, image quality, multi-display configuration options - not to mention the long product life cycles - of Matrox products make them key building blocks for Siemens systems."

— Mauro Cerea, Siemens

"[...] graphics performance [...] is as fluid as it would be if the displays were powered directly by an add-in card in a computer only a couple of feet away under the desk."

— Dennis Kodimer, Honeywell