Matrox MuraControl for iPad

Control your Matrox Mura MPX-powered video wall remotely and in real time with MuraControl for iPad. MuraControl for iPad, available as a free download,
 is Matrox's first app for Apple mobile devices.

Complete control of your video wall is at your fingertips

MuraControl for iPad enables users to remotely switch, scale, and manage input sources on any Matrox Mura MPX-powered video wall with just an iPad and a standard network connection. Using a simulated version of the video wall displayed on the iPad, users can easily and intuitively control the wall—as commands carried out on the tablet are echoed on the video wall in real time.

Drag, drop, and tap on windows to create unique media configurations on the video wall, or choose from a large number of previously saved layouts to switch instantly from one layout to another. Add, remove, or resize inputs using the icons and slide bar located at the bottom of the screen.

MuraControl for iPad is compatible with all videoAvailable on the App Store walls powered by Matrox Mura MPX boards. For example, simply insert six Mura MPX display wall controller boards into a validated system and install the network API to create a video wall controller with a maximum of 24 HD inputs and 24 HD outputs that can instantly be controlled from your iPad using MuraControl for iPad.

To download the free MuraControl app, click on the App Store badge.

MuraControl requires iOS 5 and up.

Functions supported on MuraControl Version 1.01:

  • Pinch to zoom in or out of the simulated video wall layout
  • Use two-finger scroll to navigate the layout in zoom mode
  • Double-tap with two fingers anywhere on the screen in zoom mode to return to the original-sized view
  • Add or remove inputs by tapping on the 'Plus' and 'Trash' icons respectively
  • Tap on inputs to select them, or drag and drop to reposition them
  • Intuitively resize inputs by selecting one and then using the slide bar
  • Manually resize inputs by selecting one, tapping on the 'Settings' icon, and entering the custom input size using four separate fields
  • Select pre-saved layouts by tapping on the 'Demo' arrow
  • Lock the position and size of windows in a layout by selecting a window and tapping the ‘Padlock’ icon
  • Tap and hold a layout to copy it
  • Work on and preview new layouts before implementing them using the 'Current' on/off switch
  • Overlap windows and control the Z ordering by tapping and holding an overlapped window to bring up the Z order menu1

Additional Features:

  • Stop and/or restart the video wall controller using MuraControl1
  • Option to start the controller in “No Background” mode
  • Option to hide the Sidebar in landscape mode
  • Option to rename input sources1
  • Option to select “None” as a window source1
  • Support for walls using bezel displacement or edge overlap features1
  • Support for multiple copy and delete actions in edit mode
  • Support for source status so that adding a window will not automatically add an inactive source
  • Compatible with iOS 5.1 and iPad 3

The MuraControl app user interface enables intuitive management of input sources on the video wall.Control your video wall anytime, anywhere, any way you want with additional options and<br/> features supported on MuraControl for iPad.

Streamline your user experience and impress audiences with MuraControl for iPad.

1Requires Mura MPX Series 2.01 driver

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