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By unholy -
September 20, 2007

velocityreviews "Seal of Approval": 10/10
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"Bezel management allows you to position the screen on physical monitors, so that you can remove the split line effect that is caused by the bezel of your monitors, [...], it really adds the effect in games."

"The TripleHead2Go [Digital Edition] really gives you the edge in this style of game, not only displaying more of the game due to the FOV but because of the FOV some of the walls tend to disappear. no it doesn't have in built wall hacks its actually quite hard to get it to work in a helping way, but when it does happen, at least you can say, "it wasn't me it was the TripleHead2Go" and then give your little black box a high five!"

"3D Studio Max is probably the most used 3D modelling software on a professional scale. Multi-Monitor support can be used in many ways, whether you chose to dedicate one screen as a toolbar screen and another for the Render Window it is up to you. It's easy to setup your own style and work away at your latest model or render. After using 3D Studio Max for awhile with three screens [with TripleHead2Go Digital Edition], it really makes everything quicker, no dragging of windows around."

"It's relatively easy to use the TripleHead2Go in a dual head mode, so if your worried that your buying the TripleHead2Go but not using it just yet then don't worry, it still works in a dual head mode. You can purchase a TripleHead2Go, use two monitors and then purchase a third monitor later."

"After reading about the TripleHead2Go [Digital Edition] I was impressed, after looking at it in real life I was even more impressed, and then I played around with it... it's no toy that's for sure."

"There are many ways to approach the multi-display market, whether it be making special video cards that support 3 monitors or you take a very neat and handy approach and use a TripleHead2Go [Digital Edition]. The TripleHead2Go is just perfect for its application, it may have some setbacks in that you will need a dual-link DVI or high resolution VGA output video card, but with 7600GT's like mine hitting the USD$100 mark. If you have ever tried to get games to run on dual monitors before you would know it's a pain, the TripleHead2Go takes multi-monitor gaming to another level."

However, the benefits don't stop there, there is more. If you are looking at buying a setup for a 3 monitor display for what ever reason, the TripleHead2Go is probably your best pick. The TripleHead2Go [Digital Edition] may cost more then buying two cheap video cards, however the benefits of having the ability to run games over three monitors and the ability to use a full monitor as opposed to 3 separate ones. [...] The cost of buying your first set of video cards and then replacing them, is more expensive than buying a single video card and a TripleHead2Go. This is because the TripleHead2Go doesn't need to be replaced when your replace your video card, which makes it quite useful if you get new computers every now and again or you want to have 3 computers linked to the 1 set of triple displays."

"The TripleHead2Go [Digital Edition] is not just easy to use, it's portable, and because it is powered from USB, no transformer packs or external power supplies are needed, just plug it in and you're ready to go. The speed of set up is handy for presentations, or if you're a gamer that likes to attend LAN's, then the TripleHead2Go [Digital Edition] is perfect for you."

velocityreviews "Seal of Approval"
Features: 10/10
Performance: 10/10
Value: 10/10
Final Score: 10/10

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